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I love doing interviews; I meet so many nice people that way and can pass on their cool lil blogs. I did an interview over the weekend with Ashley Barron, who I met on Triberr and she was kind enough to post the interview straight away.

One of the questions was a neat one: what other writers on Twitter that I’d recommend and I noted as many as I could without filling the interview with handles of folks.

But this is my blog, so I’m gonna name a few more here: (incidentally, I’ve read a good deal of the books from this list too, and I’d vouch for them as well)

  •  @kristenlambTX
  • @melcom1
  • @chrispetersenTX
  • @ajbarnett
  • @heatherdomin
  • @jhsked
  • @westofmars
  • @uksarahbarnard
  • @seb_Kirby
  • @pld73


Now go, follow. And feel free to add your own recommends in the comment section. If you vouch for em, I’ll follow em.

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