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Secret Language of Crows

The-Secret-Language-of-Crows-originalWhen the first step to reclaiming your life means you must threaten to take it.

Olivia never thought she’d be just another one of ‘those’ abused women, but now she needs to escape the violent same-sex relationship she finds herself in. When her father suffers a stroke and requires 24-hour care, she recognizes an opportunity to start fresh.The problem is that the place she returns to is a dysfunctional childhood home full of memories that drove her away in the first place.In order to avoid her own self-destruction, Olivia must find a way to resolve her mother’s suicide, her brother’s addiction, and her father’s need to be understood– even if it means she must delve into the darkest parts of her own psyche to find forgiveness.

Chasing Dragons

Chasing-Dragons-originalRelapse isn’t just for addicts.

 J doesn’t need rehab. He’s well clean of the hard stuff, the soft stuff, and the things in between that helped him bury all the doubts that plague him. That was before the tormented drug addict from next door threatens to set J on a renewed path of self-destruction. It was before his friend Molly runs afoul of the law, and it’s before J suffers a beating that brings him ultimately face-to-face with the woman who can help him see the light in the darkness.A dark and gritty literary tale for those who enjoy their contemporary new adult fiction brooding. Anomaly is set amidst the drama of small town Canada where the seamy world of substance abuse and sexuality is a surprising backdrop for self discovery and a person who is finally coming of age.When you barely understand yourself, relapse becomes more than just a fight for sobriety.

Throwing Clay Shadows

tcs copyIt’s 1807 on the Isle of Eigg. Four-year old Maggie believes she has killed her mother by saying bad things and now she won’t say a word. It’s true that Ma’s voice stays in the cottage even though Da says she’s gone, and sometimes Maggie can see her in the shadows, but it’s not the same thing as having a real ma. She’s worried if she says anything, she will kill her da too.

She doesn’t want him to die, and so no matter how much he tries to get her to, she won’t speak.

The trouble is, the consumption that really took her ma and her premature sister, has marked Maggie too. It forces Da to marry Janet so Maggie can have a woman to look after her.

It gets harder for her to stay silent, though, because Janet tries just as hard to get Maggie to talk. She’s not sure she can hold out when this new ma reveals secrets that make her squirm, that make her feel like Da is doing things he shouldn’t be.

It seems there is more to worry about than a few words. He is indeed in trouble and much of that danger comes from the things his new wife isn’t saying.

If she can just understand what Ma is telling her from those corners, Maggie will be able to face her fears and find her voice and true power. The question is: will that power be enough to bind the family together even against the darkest secrets?


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More than anything, young Sentu wants to learn the new letters of Pharaoh Menes’s court. Born of lowly fellahin stock, he believes his acceptance into the priesthood for study must surely be a miracle of his ka–only those borne of a higher caste are afforded such privilege.

Or so he believes.

He soon learns that not all is as holy as it appears in the privileged world of scribes and priests .

The acolytes suffer under the tutelage of Hozat, the High Priest: ritual sacrifices involve more than mere beasts, they involve anyone who stands in Hozat’s way to ultimate power. Though Sentu is at first spared much of the darkest of Hozat’s secrets, he soon realizes he cannot escape the fate of his ka forever.

When Pharaoh conquers Nubia and takes hostage that land’s powerful sorceress, Sentu’s own world crashes around him, and he has to discover whether justice is more important than forgiveness.

Formed of Clay transports the reader into an ancient world rich with mythology, betrayal, and sacrifice.

One Insular Tahiti

oit copyLuke MacIsaac has shameful secrets. He lived a horrible life and now that he’s dead, he can’t shake the memories of his entire violent past. He wants out of death, and to escape, he needs to be born  again.

He chooses to live and sets in motion the very thing he’d hoped to avoid: images of war, childhood abuse, and the tortured life of a brother he loved and failed. To make matters worse, his life costs his chosen mother a great deal–especially since she wasn’t supposed to survive her own birth.

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