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Get your July swag

Or: I think a lovely notebook would be fun by Thea Atkinson I’ve decided to continue the monthly giveaways because they’re so fun. It’s tough coming up with new things and new ideas, but this one so far has proven

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Selling to 5000. Get an ebook for nothing

In celebration of 5000 sold Here’s the deal: Buy OIT from Amazon, email with the receipt (you can delete out any personal info, but I’m going to bin them after anyway) and I’ll shoot you off a coupon code

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Do you want to win #ebooks? Help me build my blog

In my bid to build my blog presence I’ve decided to offer a giveway. One complete Thea ebook package to a random subscriber if I can hit 100 followers. If I can hit 200 by Christmas, (Dec 24, we’ll say

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Will you join my army of squirrels?

It’s war, people, and I need an army. You’ve heard of guerrilla warfare? For us authors, it’s called guerrilla marketing, and you can imagine all that entails: Work. Scheming. Work some more. Well, I’ve realized that’s about what it will

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In which I explain a few things about Anomaly

Poor Anomaly. It’s not a great seller. It tries to make its creator happy and slip in a few sales each month, almost as if to say, “Hey Ma! Look at me. See, I can be good.” But really, they

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Freebie! a collection of short #chicklit fiction with … shadow.

So. I’ve been thinking: not everyone knows me, knows my style, knows what kinds of things drive my characters. What is character driven fiction anyway? That’s what some of you wonder. Well, I’ve got a solution. I give you a

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Writer Wednesday: that junk in your trunk is Steampunk @goblinWriter

Prelude Ramble by thea Sometimes you find someone on Twitter that a the most intriguing handle (@goblinwriter) (mine is the very boring @theaatkinson) , and then you discover they have mentioned you on their blog, and THEN you realize they

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Talking about birds on a wire: a guest post by @jarrettrush

Prelude Ramble by thea I get asked it all the time; you do too, I imagine, if you’re a writer: “Where do you get your ideas?” I dread that one almost as much as I dread the question about what

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Rock n Roll Writer advice: Never Release a book in summer @westofmars

Guest Post by Susan Helene Gottfried ­Back in June — it feels like a lifetime ago! — I released my fourth book, ShapeShifter: The Demo Tapes (Year 3). It’s my third short story anthology, and the fourth in the famed

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Thea Atkinson’s Friday Mashup @bookrepublik

Thea’s Three This Week July 8, 2011 OK. Sometimes I peek at blogs from Twitter. Sometimes I’m annoyed at what I find; sometimes I’m intrigued; sometimes I learn something. And then….sometimes, I’m just damned amused. This week’s mashup is about

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