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Indie writers CAN have their publishing dreams come true! #WW

Well, not me, but some. I have met some great people through publishing to ebook form and when I met the powerhouse team of Saffina and Mark, I was bowled over by their energy…and impressed by their sales. Then I read the book.

Wow. I was stunned.

What better way to celebrate Writer Wednesday than to celebrate with great news from a great writing team.

Oh Heck. They better tell ya.



I am THRILLED to be guest posting on Thea’s fantastic blog and even more thrilled to be sharing really good news with you all! It’s about time us indies had some luck! ;-)

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the whole saga, if you want the lo’ down and dirty details, check the full scoop out here.

In brief – we got a deal!

Now, as you may or may not know, we pride ourselves on being the UK’s biggest selling indie writing team (others may argue, but up until now, we were THE only TRUE indies to have reached number two in the UK paid Kindle chart and have sold over 100,000 copies of ONE title) so you may be a little surprised to learn that we have now got a boot firmly entrenched in the traditional camp, but here’s the thing: we haven’t sold out!

As you will see if you read the whole official release over on my blog, we have taken a deal that suits us, on our terms, allowing us to continue with our plans for 2012 and beyond, in our own timescale.

We were increasingly aware of the European market and the gaps to exploit, but having previously enquired about the cost of translation (and then gawping at the total cost as we punched the numbers into the calculator and it came back with almost 9k!) we had written it off for the time being. So, you can imagine what a ‘no brainer’ it was when our new publisher (I just can’t seem to get tired of saying that) offered us a deal where they paid to translate ‘Sugar & Spice’ and paid us an advance and are going to handle all the marketing!

Seriously, ask Mark (my co-writer) what I did when I got the email. I mistakenly thought THEY had asked US for the amount of the advance, not the other way around! I thought at the time it was a bit cheeky until I realised that the figure in Euro’s with the naughts after it was what they we paying US! ;-)

Anyway, ‘Paraphillia’ (newly titled specifically for the French market) will be released in June 2012. Yes, you heard it here first! It IS actually possible to have an indie ebook out in the digisphere AND have a print version done in under a year!

So, we are very pleased to say the least. We are very excited about working with these forward-thinking publishers and we are even talking to them about other possibilities.

So indies, take heart.

The future of publishing is a’changing and there is no reason why we can’t start having grownup conversations with the big guys, from a level playing field and even getting deals that suit us!

2012 is going to be a very exciting year and we wish you all the best for it!


Saffi & Mark (Saffina Desforges)


Thea’s 3 Mashup. :It’s all about me, baby @guineapig66 @booksandpals @siblehodge

June 17, 2011

First of all, I woke up in a frenzy this morning. Had a heap of things to do before I had to run off to work and do all those Friday errands that have spilled over from the last Friday when I didn’t get the errands done. So. I forgot the mashup.


Ha Ha! Joke’s on me cause I ended up finding 2 really great reviews today! Yippee! So In honor of the really generous folks who review us poor dejected indies, this one’s for you! (and me of course; it’s all about me.)

I really want you to go over and comment if you can, if you find the time, if you care at all about indies and their support system cause reviewers are part of it, baby. I don’t care if you read the review, but as writers, it’s nice to show any reviewer support. So without fanfare and excitement, here are my three:

  • Sibel Hodge is a stunning writer and she reviews too. She posted a review today for One Insular Tahiti. Thanks so much Sibel
  • Big Al is probably the best known and I really love his site. It’s full of great, insightful reviews of tons of books. You could drown in the reading list. He reviewed Anomaly a month or so ago

happy reading!

Thea’s 3 Mashup. :Take advice from Kristen Lamb and get er done

June 10, 2011

In honor of finishing Kristen Lamb’s book We are Not Alone I’m using her as a theme for my mashup this week. If you haven’t visited her blog and you are a writer trying to find ways to make sense of this whole social media thang, you really should subscribe. You should buy the book, in fact. (Just don’t take the advice of creating a MYSpace profile. She will tell you that after the book released MYSpace went ballistic.)

Speaking of Kristen Lamb, I’ve been working on advice from her blog to create posts that invite comment. Not working for me yet as I haven’t managed it successfully, but Vivienne Tuffnell’s blog is rich with comments. Each post she writes is full of people writing back to her and to each other. How does she do it? It’s worth the visit for investigation.

Mark Williams and Saffina desForges admittedly used Kristen’s (hope the first name’s ok, hun) advice to move into the top 10 – and one of them will correct me on the numbers I’m sure if it’s higher, and I think it is. They read Kristen’s book and applied the advice. They took off. I’m sure it has something to do with the writing, but readers have to find a writer first before it can become a sensation. These two even received mention on Kristen’s advice blog. I’m sending you to Mark Williams International because it’s wonderfully picture heavy and comment laden.

So how many of you have read and employed the advice in the book? Tell us about your successes and your failures. I’m listening.