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Click through the Goodreads Bloghop: freebies and fun galore

It was supposed to start yesterday, but well, I imbibed a bit too much Christmas cheer and forgot. So: I’m trying to save face here and offer up the next in the link, hopefully not too late. Welcome to the

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Indie vs Traditional: equal or not?

If you follow my blog (and please do, there’s something in it for ya), then you’ll know I’m a writer. But you know, my labels don’t stop there. I’m always amazed when I’m asked to decide whether I’m a writer

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Will you join my army of squirrels?

It’s war, people, and I need an army. You’ve heard of guerrilla warfare? For us authors, it’s called guerrilla marketing, and you can imagine all that entails: Work. Scheming. Work some more. Well, I’ve realized that’s about what it will

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What readers are saying about Anomaly by @theaatkinson

Amazon Reviews: Sterljoy says, ” I could not get “J” out of mind after I had finish reading the book. When a book end with me wanting more it gets 5 stars. Hope the author continues the story line. ”

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