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You know you wanna get some. Freebies that is

Happy Weekend everyone! I’ve been slowly amassing some freebies for y’all regular readers and for those first time visitors to my site. It’s getting fleshier over there at GimmeSome and I do hope you’ll take what interests you, spread the

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Find a free Thea read from the iBookstore and more

Thea Read freebies throughout the Internet ¬†You know I’m a nobody, I know I’m a nobody, everybody knows I’m a nobody. And yet, some folks enjoy a good Thea Read. It’s different. It’s dark. It’s sometimes thought provoking. Least I

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The squirrel army is 4 members strong and growing.

Last week, I mentioned I was looking for an army of squirrels. (folks who love reading and stockpile their books like nuts in their cozy little dens) Forget Uncle Sam or Auntie Canuck: I want you. I need readers, you

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#smashwords deals on #ebooks by @theaatkinson

Smashwords is having a sale on ebooks all over its site for the entire month of July. So who am I to fight it? In fact, it gives me a chance to offer you some great deals. You can download

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You’re giving away #ebooks? how do I get one? @tracyriva

Yesterday a great reviewer (Tracy Riva) whom I really actually respect for some great honest book reviews interviewed me on her blog. She asked if I’d be willing to gift a few copies of my newest release: Formed of Clay.

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