Larry Enright guests on GonzoInk: new book release

I have a guest today: a wonderful writer who is launching a new book. I had to share it with you. I truly enjoyed the first novel: Four Years from Home and this is the sequel. I’m running right out to grab it up.

A Cape May Diamond

New release: A Cape May Diamond

Genre: Literary fiction/mystery

Appropriate for: Age 18+


Sequel to the best seller, Four Years from Home, A Cape May Diamond picks up the Tom Ryan story two years after its tragic ending in the discovery of the fate of Tom’s youngest brother, Harry. It is not required that you first read Four Years from Home before A Cape May Diamond, since it is recapped in brief in the first chapter of the sequel.


The result of a chance encounter, A Cape May Diamond can best be described as a story of life, love, and a journey of a thousand years. Here is the narrator’s perspective on it:

It was Monday, May 19th, 1975. I’ll never forget that day. The Vietnam War had ended with the fall of Saigon that April, and the world was mired in one of its worst recessions ever. Unemployment in the United States was nearly nine percent, inflation even higher, and leadership lacking. The Watergate scandal had cast a smear across American politics, resulting in Richard Nixon’s resignation in August 1974 to avoid impeachment, and his successor’s immediately pardoning him to close the book on an unhappy chapter in U.S. history.

It was not a good time for anyone and a particularly hard time for the old Victorian town of Cape May. The crown jewel of the New Jersey shore had fallen into neglect and disrepair and was dying a slow death. Once the elegant summer home to presidents and kings, it had become the last refuge of the deposed.

That’s where I met Tom Ryan. Tom was a king, or so he would have you believe, but unlike Richard Nixon, when Tom was dethroned, he wasn’t sent home with a slap on the wrist. He was sent to prison. He was a convicted draft dodger, but one of the lucky ones released early by President Ford as part of his mass clemency after Nixon’s pardon. The problem was, Tom had nowhere to go when he got out, so he took the money his dad mailed to him and spent it on a bus ticket to get as far away as possible to a place where nobody cared who he was or what he had done, a place where nobody cared about anything. That place was Cape May.

As hard a time as it was for everyone, it was harder for me because that was the day I met Tom Ryan. I should have turned and walked away. I knew it when he first looked at me, but I didn’t, not my first mistake, but one that would make Monday, May 19th, 1975 the hardest day of my life.

This is the story of how Tom Ryan and I met and how things never quite work out the way you think. You might find a love story in here somewhere. You might not. You might find a message hidden in one of the nickel pop bottles collected by the beachcombers from some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. You might even find a little mystery, but life is a mystery, isn’t it?


About the author:

Larry Enright was born to Irish Catholic first-generation immigrants and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His works include: the best seller Four Years from Home (2010), A King in a Court of Fools (2011), Buffalo Nickel Christmas (2011), 12|21|12 (2012), and A Cape May Diamond.



It’s Alive and there’s goodies

It’s Alive!

Get it now from Amazon

I feel like Dr. Frankenstein on the night the lightning struck his creation and gave it life. Why is this you might ask?

Blood Witch is live! So far, it’s showing on Amazon and Kobo and will soon be up at BN, Sony, and Itunes! Over the last few months, I’ve pieced together as much information as I can for the series into this second book without giving away too much. Book three is already sizzling like a hotdog on a roasting stick. (OK, so the analogy sucks, but I think it’s fun because I just came home from a wonderful camping trip in the backwoods.)

If you’ve been waiting for it, the wait it over. If you’ve not read the first book in the series: Water Witch, then what are you waiting for? It’s FREE on Amazon Sept 17, 2012, (regularly priced at $2.99) There’s also a prequel story that comes free as often as I can make it, but it’s typically 99cents. Seeds of the Soul, so if you’re reading this post after Sept 17 and aren’t sure you want to try me on for 2.99, why not grab the cheapie short story?

Anywho, I’d love to hear from you as you read book 2. Please feel free to comment or leave a review. In fact, the more reviews I can get, the happier Amazon seems to be and starts to treat me less like a captive in the depths of their jungle. Reviews are good m’k?

Plus: Join the squirrel army newsletter and get news of Book three as it moves along, chances to have your say in the evolution of the book as I write it, and a few lovely little freebies along the way.


Just because I love a good party, I’m offering a bunch of freebies from Amazon on launch day (Sept 17) So go grab a few while the going’s good.

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Do you want to win #ebooks? Help me build my blog

In my bid to build my blog presence I’ve decided to offer a giveway. One complete Thea ebook package to a random subscriber if I can hit 100 followers. If I can hit 200 by Christmas, (Dec 24, we’ll say because I’ll be busy on Christmas day.) well, I’ll give away a package and a $25 Amazon gift coupon.

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You can choose to accept the gift if you win or you can offer me an alternative person to send the gift to…maybe someone who has a new ereader at Christmas time and would love a bunch of new books and maybe some cash to splurge with.

I’m getting close. Thanks to my squirrel army I’ve raised my subscribers to 63! Yay! Go army.

I’m happy to reciprocate of course. Anyone in the squirrel army gets my attention and I do my utmost best to RT and mention my squirrels as a priority in my twitter feed. I have 3565 followers at present and a decent klout score (although their tinkering with the algorithms hit me hard recently and I went from 62 to 45. argh. Building it back up though.)

The package will come as coupon codes from Smashwords so you can download into whatever format you require.

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How can you help/win this package?

Oh there are so many ways.

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Can you suggest other ways to build a blog presence? Please do share. I’m still learning and I think many of my readers would be interested in hearing tips too.

I’m close, I can smell it

If you noticed my last post, I’m running a tagging campaign. I’d like to get to 150 tags by Christmas on Amazon. Heck, I’ll settle for 125. But I need help. I’m at 95 right now, and I have the itch to giveaway 3 indie books. And just for stopping by, check out my free short slipstream story, God in the Machine. Don’t know what slipstream is? Give it a read and try to define it below in comments and I’ll give a 4th random draw from the comments on this post.

Ain’t Christmas fun?

Christmas Presents

I’m holding a tagging campaign on Amazon. If I can get 150 tags by Christmas eve on One Insular Tahiti or Secret Language of Crows, I’ll be gifting 3 indie books to a random list of readers who comment below.


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Return here, type a comment with your name and the indie book you’d like to receive then email me with the email address you’d like the book gifted to in case you win. (2.99 and under please, I’m a poor writer, remember?)

Spread the word i f you like to your Amazon friends.

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Easy Peasy

AND! Just for coming round to my dusty corner of the net, I’m giving away a Kindle short story: “God in the Machine” a literary tale in the slipstream genre. (fyi: the link brings you to a download site at dropbox)

Stay tuned for more contests for Christmas goodies. for now, here’s some other links to Christmas yummies: