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3 characterizations a scifi writer used to wow me

TAKE ME SOME TIME TO READ THE PREAMBLE: So what is a literary writer, character driven reader doing talking about scifi, especially when she will nearly always pass on scifi even though she will readily admit to being a bit

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8 tips you can use today to breathe life into your characters

Being a writer who defines her work as character driven, I always find it interesting to discuss how other writers develop the invisible people that populate their pages. Some day I’ll write a post about what I do to help

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Use your background to create great characters

I’m one of those readers who really digs a good character; I’m a writer who is always always trying to find ways to make the characters who populate my stories authentic. I want those characters to come alive for a

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Who is this Thea chick anyway? #thriller #fiction

Once upon a time, I thought I was a litfic writer. Tough sell, I know. I’m no where the caliber of writer that Margaret Atwood is or my fav: Alice Munro. Jane Urquhart? No way. So I assumed I was

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