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Formed of Clay is now available for purchase

It’s available from

More than anything, young Sentu wants to learn the new letters of Pharaoh Menes’s court. The acolytes suffer under the tutelage of the High Priest: ritual sacrifices involve more than mere beasts, they involve anyone who stands in Hozat’s way to ultimate power. Though Sentu is at first spared much of the darkest of Hozat’s secrets, he soon realizes he cannot escape the fate of his ka forever.

Praise for Formed of Clay:

From J Lynn at RedAdeptReviews. Click for full review

4.5/5 stars

“Through the accomplished use of dialogue, description and character development, Ms. Atkinson tells us this intriguing story. She is a master at her craft. I was thoroughly invested in Sentu’s story. It was over too soon, but it was rightly told in novella form.”

Secret Language of Crows is now available for purchase

it’s available from:


Olivia needs to escape the abusive same-sex relationship she finds herself in. When her father suffers a stroke, she recognizes a chance to start fresh. The problem is in order to avoid self-destruction, Olivia must find a way to resolve her mother’s suicide, her brother’s addiction, and her father’s need to be understood– even if it means she must delve into the darkest parts of her psyche.

Praise for Secret Language of Crows:

From Claire Baxter at Baxter blog. Click for full review

4.5/5 stars

“I knew there had to be good, independently published, literary fiction somewhere out there in cyberspace. I found it in Thea Atkinson!”

44 comments on “Read Me Some
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  3. msthriller says:

    Great job. Loved reading your sample and look forward to next week.

  4. I’m glad I read it. I am hooked. It “piqued” my interest as well. Great writing style.

  5. I’ve read two samples today that express things from a child’s point of view. The first child was four, yours is 10. I’m amazed and loved both samples. You allow the reader to see things through the child’s eyes, feelings and emotions. Great job.

  6. Just dropping by for #SampleSunday. 🙂 Love the covers!

  7. Larry Enright says:

    This is so beautifully written, Thea. It’s just… beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kate Bowyer says:

    This was the first thing I’ve read today and it was great, thank you for sharing and giving us a piece of the past to live in for a while.

  9. alboudreau says:

    This weeks sample is quite gripping and emotional. I love how descriptive your writing is, Thea. Consistent and full of passion.

  10. Sibel Hodge says:

    Loved the sample. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Al Boudreau says:

    Dear Thea,

    I really do love your writing. It’s very raw and honest. I feel the character is letting the reader in on something. Wonderful. I’m also a huge fan of your covers. Each one is really eye-catching. “Tahihi” is my fave. Brilliant!

  12. Cliff Ball says:

    Hey Thea, dropping by for Sample Sunday. Great sample. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  13. lisawb says:

    Great blog, terrific site, awesome books and it has shown me the potential of blogging 🙂

  14. L.C. Evans says:

    Well-done. Really intriguing beginning, Thea.

  15. Seb Kirby says:


    That’s an intriguing taster, Thea.

  16. Sibel Hodge says:

    I love your style. Great sample, thanks for sharing.

  17. Al Boudreau says:

    Really enjoyed it, Thea. Well written, descriptive and contemporary. Made me want to know more about the character … really pulled me in.

  18. Wow, I’m curious. Going in my TBR pile to hopefully read one day (too many books!)

  19. msthriller says:

    Lovely excerpt! I look forward to reading more.

  20. Intriguing. Defininitely left me wanting to read more.

  21. Love the subject matter, and the excerpt. Great sample, Thea. I look forward to reading more.

  22. L.C. Evans says:

    Sounds like an interesting book.

  23. Really good sample, Thea. Pulls the reader in immediately and keeps them wanting more.

  24. Cliff Ball says:

    Hi Thea, stopping by for Sample Sunday.

    Your sample was very descriptive and it made me want to read more. Good luck!

    Cliff Ball

  25. John Carroll says:

    Very intriguing sample. Makes me curious as to who the speaker is.

  26. theaatkinson says:

    thanks, Linda. glad you liked it

  27. L.C. Evans says:

    This looks like a good one. I’ve put it on my list.

  28. Thea, very compelling piece and one that immediately pulls a reader into wanting more. Yes, you definitely caught my attention and I will definitely be looking this one up.

  29. Edie Ramer says:

    Really good writing. Piqued my interest, too. I’ll RT!

  30. I meant of course “piqued” my interest. I think that’s the correct word. LOL.

  31. Fascinating topic and beautiful, lively descriptions. This certainly peaked my interest.

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