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Three Sheet came to my town for Nova Scotia Music Week 2010. I put on my wide lens with the fastest aperature I had (f2.8) and it still wasn’t enough to capture the pure energy this band put out. The place was PACKED and I had to shoot from a weird spot on the side. I was gob smacked, to say the least, at the raw sizzle they were able to keep up for an hour. I only managed a couple of photos that weren’t blurry. (Blast my desire to try out that new lens—I could have at least got something clear with my 50mm—oh well, you don’t care about that.)Anyway, I liked this one the best, so it’s the one I’m posting. So there. You can find ThreeSheet on the web, but you’re best off grabbing this live YouTube because that’s where you’re gonna really be amazed.
Harmony Bazaar is a women’s music festival in Lockeport, NS. Beautiful beautiful spot. It’s not Lilith fair, mind you, but it’s pretty durn close in calibre for a rural Canadian venue. For one thing, it’s a celeberation of women in music, for a second, they get some kickass entertainment from Canadian singer/songwriters. Two years ago I volunteered to snap pics. Of course, it rained the night Melanie Doane played. (why oh why is it always raining when I go to concerts?). The producer of the festival put us in a little legion for the evening and despite the venue, Melanie really kicked it. Wow. I mean, just WOW. She played every instrument known to man in her hour and a half set: I swear she pulled out a didgeridoo and rocked it. (Well, not really, but holy smokes, you really have to see her live to appreciate the breadth of her talent) Her musicians were very friendly and she even came out to the producers’ party for a spell and just hung out. I was so totally impressed I became a lifelong fan. She’s coming back to the festival this year, so if you don’t have your tickets, grab em up!
So this pic was taken at the same time as the Matt Mays one below: same day, same concert, same camera. I changed the color mind you, because I just preferred b/w. Why am I posting this uninspiring pic of Gordie Johnson? well, because just this week for some unknown but interesting reason Big Sugar Music followed me on twitter. (I’m @theaatkinson if you’re interested) and I thought I’d pick up the Ogle Me Some feature with this one. I’m a weirdo, but I really dig ‘Wild Ox Moan’ but I’ll link you out to ‘Digging a Hole‘ and to their website, cause, well, they’re back together and on tour! Can you say excitement, boys and girls?
OK. so this isn’t exactly a killer photo of Matt Mays, but in all honesty, it was pouring rain there in Fredericton at FredRock 09. I had my lil point and shoot and I was taking the pic from beneath my rain poncho, which I had to pull up over my head high enough to stick the camera to my eye.Ya. tough beans you say. This guy is obviously not made of sugar as almost all of his set was in the drop bucket of water from the sky. He put on a hell of a show. We were lucky enough to get to the front of the crowd and I can tell ya, it was packed. You might know him best for this tune Cocaine Cowgirl. visit him on Myspace.Just FYI: another great musician from NS. We totally rock
I got the chance to snap Christine Crawford at a great lil festival called Harmony Bazaar that takes place every July in Nova Scotia. It was raining and we had to attend in an impromtu set up at the legion in Lockeport so the lighting was a toughie. She delivered a great bit of music though and I became an immediate fan. My favorite piece was Underneath the Scarecrow: a little ditty that was so poetic I was hooked. In this one, what I love the most is that she’s totally into what she’s singing. She might hate it, but I really enjoy knowing a singer/songwriter feels passionate about their music.
Stone Mary came to our town in 2009 during Nova Scotia Music Week. I had a good seat, but was behind some fella with a big head and had to grab snaps from over his shoulder. This was the best I could get, I think. Besides being drop dead gorgeous and a real shredder on guitar, Christine Campbell’s voice is truly unique. Give it a listen and tell me it doesn’t grab ya. They can be found in a few places. Their website being one.
Julian Babin is a homegrown talent who really should be spreading his wings further. His vocals are only outstripped by his lyrics. This pic is from a little bar in our hometown that I shall not mention. The song link from Youtube is from his first concert…sold out, I might add. He has a MYspace page and a Facebook page, and he has a new album coming out. It’ll be his…Fifth…I think. I have them all and love each one for different reasons. You can check out some of his stuff on Youtube video’d by Lynn Hemeon, but I think this one’s pretty catchy: Down a Hole.
The Chunk of Funk is a band fronted by my own lil cousin Danny MacIsaac. He’s got soul, jazz, funk, blues, rock, and even bluegrass all tied up into ten fingers. In this one, he’s cameoing with a youth band called TinPot from my hometown. they’re doing Judas Priest’s “Diamonds and Rust“for a benefit that supports a youth music convention. This is one of my fav pics and songs that he covers. But he’s no slouch when it comes to his own creativity. Check out the band on MYSPACE to see what I mean.
I love good blues music sometimes and this native Nova Scotia son has a famous daddy: Dutchie Mason. Garrett Mason’s style is breathtaking and what he does with that finger of his on his strings is amazing to watch. Check out Garrett Mason and hear what I mean. this one’s taken at the Red Knight: the oldest bar in my hometown. His website can be found here at Garrett Mason’s piece of the web.
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