Guest Me Some

What does it mean to guest blog at GonzoInk?

Easy.  I can sum it up in a couple of sentences.  The idea is to either help other writers by offering neat exercises, or to write about character development in some way that only you can write it.  Write in whatever voice or style suits you. Interpret character in whatever way you want.  That’s what GonzoInk is all about: doing what we want the way we want.

Some authors like to work with me on Writer Wednesdays when I post a writing exercise. Guests in the past have either written the exercise themselves to juice up another writer’s creativity or have posted a piece of fiction and I couple it with a writing exercise in the same theme. check out the category Writer Wednesday to see how that plays out as an example.

Some ideas for character development posts might be:

  • 5 tips to building a realistic villain
  • What dialogue has to say about character
  • Should you use people you know to build character?
  • 8 things you’re doing wrong when your character speaks

etc etc etc

You get the idea, I’m sure. Write a slant first and then write the post, unless it’s an essay…those seldom lend themselves to the catchy  howto model of title.

I’ll post your picture: that can be the cover of your novel if you prefer; I’ll post a blurb, which could be your bio or the teaser for your book; and I’ll provide a couple of links.  Those could be links to reviews, where to purchase, or to your own blog.  You decide.

That information will stay on my front page for a couple of days.  After that, I’ll just go back to my regular ranting and rambling. grin

You’re welcome to start the same discussion on my Facebook page as well to gain more exposure. If you do, I’ll do my best to keep the discussion going.

  1. You compile the following:
  • A post on any topic you choose about 500-800 words long (I’m easy though; it’s whatever length you want)
  • A decently sized JPEG. That means not too big.
  • A blurb/bio
  • Two links with a short label of what they would go to
  1. send it all to with the subject line: GONZOINK GUEST POST
  2. let me know if it’s a Writer Wednesday exercise post or just the regular guest post thang
  3. I’ll send you a date. You’ll want to mark it somewhere so you can promote it too when it comes up
  4. Feel free to create a discussion thread on my facebook page. Or not. Up to you.

  1. Please tweet, stumble, Digg or share any ole way to help promote it and I’ll do the same.

Do give it some thought, won’t you?

9 comments on “Guest Me Some
  1. this sounds like a blast. I am writing my first full on villain for a thriller novel set in Detroit. Will send it along soonest. (would happily trade for an “Across the Beer Bar with Liz” interview with you–my infrequent yet very humorous and well-promoted/followed series of author interviews)

  2. Hey Thea – yes, I’m actively stalking you now – I’d be thrilled to do 5 tips to building a realistic villain if you’re still looking for it. Happy to trade a guest post spot on my blog. Shoot me a note PavartiDevi @ gmail

  3. This IS a great idea and if I had a little more confidence in my own abilities I would surely take you up on that (would be great exposure for my books) but I think I would benefit more from reading other writer’s tips. Maybe in another year or two. 🙂

  4. Great idea, fab invitation (you’ve really thought this through and clearly know what you’re doing). Not quite ready for this yet but will definitely keep it in mind. I coach mainly non-writers, folks who need the basics first and can layer a bit of character development, setting, etc. on top of “just the facts.” I will be reading your blog with great interest. Thanks!
    on Triberr & Twitter: hownowmscow

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