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Help me reach my goal of 100 reviews and get goodies

Subscribe to my newsletter Thea Reads for goodies, freebies, and news, but never spam. Never. Special limited time offer! My goal for 2014 is to encourage more reviews of my work on Sounds easy, but it ain’t. who likes

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One Insular Tahiti by Thea Atkinson

One Insular Tahiti by Thea Atkinson.   click on over to Kate Policani’s blog to see this new review! I’m so stoked. Thanks, Kate

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What readers are saying about Anomaly by @theaatkinson

Amazon Reviews: Sterljoy says, ” I could not get “J” out of mind after I had finish reading the book. When a book end with me wanting more it gets 5 stars. Hope the author continues the story line. ”

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You know you’ve made it when: interview with @jasoncmcintyre

I’m thrilled to tell you that The Farthest Reaches blog run by Jason C McIntyre is running an interview with me today. Why am I so thrilled? Well, I met JC on twitter and he has proven himself to be

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She liked me! @TracyRiva reviews Anomaly

Sigh. the feeling a writer gets when a reader ‘gets’ the story. You know, I’m feeling it right now. Tracy Riva is an articulate and insightful reader. you should really check out her blog….and not just because she gave Anomaly

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Mid Streak: an interview or two

I just got word that I’ll be in two extra places this week and I’m thrilled to bits. I have an interview over at Robert Scarlato’s wonderful blog, Tales and Troubled Times of a HungryWriter and I have a recipe

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Anomaly Got 5 stars!

Please please check out this blog to see what Big Al said about Anomaly. He was uber kind and genuinely got the story. I’m so thrilled to have been reviewed here and only just found it today. I hope he

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New thea interview over at JETaylor’s blog

Check me out. I’m not quite as articulate for JE Taylor as I would have hoped. Not sure what I was on…or what I wasn’t (caffeine) but I didn’t do too badly. While you’re there, check out all the other

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Interview at Linda S Prather’s blog

Linda is another indie writer who offers readers books via Kindle (and other platforms), and she has a blog where she interviews other indies and reviews their books. Great resource full of news and samples and well, for today, ME!

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One Insular Tahiti featured at Spalding’s Racket

Great lil indie author spot. Check it out. Spalding’s Racket

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