What is it about Vampire Fiction that keeps us all coming back for more

Vampire Addictions will be on sale from 5.99 to .99cents on Tuesday, Jan 13, 2015

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00026]I know vamps aren’t overly hot right now. I know werewolves and shifters and billioniares are all the reading rage, but I still love me a good vampire story. In fact, I just finished the Cameo series (actually the Trilogy of Shadows series) by Dawn McCullough-White and really enjoyed it. It’s a very unique addition to the lore, and I recommend the story to lovers of vampire fiction. (It’s free on amazon.com btw)

A couple of months earlier, I finished Silver Cross by Debra L. Martin and David Small: another great addition (although this time with a romantic bent), and one I would recommend for a steal at 2.99.

Both had a kickass heroines, and who doesn’t love kickass heroines?

I think the return of Lestat’s character created by Anne Rice (my ultimate favorite vampire writer…heck, anything Rice is good by me) shows that we do still love vampires. I just can’t put my finger on why I love em so much. I read cheesey, awesome, scary, and romantic vamp fiction with much the same zeal.

One of my first published short stories was a vampire story but after Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse series, I figured the genre might be thoroughly glutted.

Of course my durn muse is a slow learner. Despite my belief that all things vamp was a slow burn to ash kind of investment, I ended up starting a new series. A vampire series. A doggone vampire romance series at that.


It’s not Stephanie Mayer, and it’s definitely not Anne Rice, but it does have some zing to it. the folks who have read it seem to enjoy it.

So, I stuffed the three volumes of novellas into one book and put it on sale to see how readers respond. I decided that if readers enjoyed the story, I’d continue writing the series to the full 3 books. If not, then at least book 1 has a suitable ending…I hope.

So we’ll see what the year brings. You can let me know if you want more when you sign on to my new releases newsletter. Just put more Magnus in the comments.

What do you think? Do you enjoy vamp stories as much as me? What keeps you returning to the genre?

Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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2 comments on “What is it about Vampire Fiction that keeps us all coming back for more
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  2. […] What is it about Vampire Fiction that keeps us all coming back for more […]

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