My Goodreads TBR shelf

goodreads captureLook at that graphic. See what it’s telling me?

Yeah. Exactly. 233 readers have shelved Water Witch onto their TO READ shelf. Huzzah! I’m so thrilled to see such a big number for my lil ditty.

That was my first reaction. The lonely writer reaction who wants acceptance. I enjoyed the feeling foe an entire 40 seconds, Then smack! The evil marketer within (who is as bad as the critique within, I tell ya) reared her nasty mustached face to my eager one.

Get them moved to the READ shelf, durnit.

(I hate evil marketer face, I really do. I’m going to name her some day. Some yucky name befitting her entire demeanour)

I don’t know how, I said back.

So evil marketer face told me to play in the pool, but I floundered lots. LOTS. Plus, I have a hard time typing…tendonitis. If I can’t voice it in, I won’t do it. My Dragon gets cranky when I use the Interweb thingie. Seems some weirdness gets it all hot and bothered, so I HAVE to type in Firefox.

Not good.

But evil marketer face demanded I be social. (Mom is laughing at that one, I can tell you. The mere notion of me being social is a hoot)

So I planned to spend more time on Goodreads instead of trolling down thorough Facebook pics of grumpy cats.

And I did.

And you know what?

I’m enjoying myself. Mind, I keep it quick (tendonitis) but I do spend some time there and I’m meeting folks. Lonely writer face is smiling. Evil marketer face thinks she has one up on me, but she doesn’t. That Water Witch TBR hasn’t shifted one bit.

And I’m OK widdit.


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Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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2 comments on “My Goodreads TBR shelf
  1. Guilie says:

    Marketing is tough, isn’t it? Congratulations on making the most of it, and especially on having fun with it. It’ll pay off, you’ll see–not just in readers, but in relationships with them, which is way more valuable 🙂

  2. Congrats on all the to-reads (although it’s on my read shelf ;D)

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