Alkaia is back and in a novella all her own

99cents on Amazon

99cents on Amazon

If you’ve stumbled onto my blog, it’s likely because you read Theron’s Tale, and like me, enjoyed the charismatic character of Alkaia, a general in an all woman army in a land that uses men as a way to continue their bloodline. Like me, you’re curious about her, where she’d ended up for her folly of falling in love.

There is so much that intrigues me about Alkaia, about an entire land of Amazon type warriors, actually. I am spending a good deal of time in her world right now as I complete the draft of book 3 (Bone witch) and I simply couldn’t complete the novel until I exhumed Alkaia in more depth.

I’ve grown quite fond of her, and even learned a thing or two about Bodicca and Yuri in the process of writing the novella. I think you’ll like her too-, and hate her, and then perhaps like her again-even if it’s for all the wrong reasons.

So: what would a general in an amazonish land do if she fell in love? How would she cope with exile?

You can find out for 99cents right now on Amazon, but just for a limited time. And it might tie you over till Bone Witch makes its debut in mid April. It is at other retailers, too, but I don’t have much chance to change those prices.


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