OK. I’ve been thinking for a looong time that it would be so much better if I could find a pen that would transcribe automatically to my computer. Right now, I handwrite my fiction then transcribe it by dictating through Dragon, and then edit. But tada!!! it seems there is a pen that will do this for me. Alas, only available in the US. Anyone interested in shipping it for me? grin.
Anywho. You all might find this as interesting as I do.

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First off — two posts in seven days! Huzzah!

Secondly, to answer the question above – YES, YES & YES! And let me tell you why…

You can find a lot of information about the pen on their wesbite. A ton of great examples are given there. I was turned onto the pen by pharmacy technology guru Bill Felkey (even though he has a degree from IU, I still like him) through an article he wrote for one of the pharmacy journals. He has a couple of links about the Livescribe here and here.

The reasons why I LOVE this product:

– The pen transcribes what you write into your computer where you can save your notes as an image file. This really is not that impressive, since there are a bunch of pens on the market that do this. And, you have to buy the “special paper” since…

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  1. It was in the pharmacy industry that I saw this mentioned as a former colleague of mine had one for a test drive. I certainly could see advantages for writing and genealogical research. I see from the site it is available via Amazon with a price tag of around £160. Perhaps for now I will stick to my rather chewed bic!

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