Pirates and torrents and Thea Reads.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter (Photo credit: Pixelsior)

Recently, I found the following in my blog’s dashboard for search terms. You know, how folks find me on this here internet.

“Thea Atkinson books on torrentz.”


I always told friends, “I’m not worried about folks pirating my books; I’m just not famous enough for anyone to go looking for me.”


I guess I’ve made it!

Am I ticked off that someone tried to find my books on the torrentz? You know: Pirate them? Hella no. Spread the word, baby, is what I say. The more folks read and like, the more my name spreads. Heck, I’ve got no troubles being the next 50 shades of Grey, the next True Blood, the next Harry Potter.

‘Cept I won’t get there. I know that. And I’m equally ok with that. If you really can’t afford to buy a 2.99 or 3.99 Thea read, there’s tons of ways to get me free. One of them is to join my mailing list. As news of new releases come out, old releases often go out as goodies. Or I have contests, Or I have coupons, Or I let you know when I’m offering something free.

So for now, I think I’ll pretend I’ve made it. It certainly makes the long winter nights much warmer.

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2 comments on “Pirates and torrents and Thea Reads.
  1. I haven’t quiet made it there yet, but one day I am hoping. I’m not too fussed about piracy because it’s going to happen whether I like it or not so I might as well look at the silver lining and say “at least they want to read me.”

  2. The only time I got upset about being pirated was when someone had posted that they were looking for free copies of Trevor’s Song. I left her a note that said, “All you had to do was promise a review and I’d give you a Smashwords coupon.”

    Never heard back. Found her later with downloads posted at Deviant Art.

    THAT one pissed me off.

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