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 You know I’m a nobody, I know I’m a nobody, everybody knows I’m a nobody. And yet, some folks enjoy a good Thea Read. It’s different. It’s dark. It’s sometimes thought provoking. Least I hope so. It’s often hard for people who know me to separate the Thea they know from the Thea who writes about murder and abuse and yeah, sometimes sex. My mom has a hard time. Ho Boy. Does she. But I think she’s getting better at it.

 So those who know me sometimes assume the regular ole gal they know can’t possibly write anything they’ll like. I get it. I’m a nobody. I’m not Alice Munro or Stephen King or even Stephanie Meyer. Nope. I’m Thea: a gal who enjoys writing in all sorts of genres. Sometimes a gal who writes several genres in one novel.

 So for those who aren’t sure I’m their type of thang, I always offer small bits of reads throughout the Internet. There’s freebies in them thar hills if you look for them.

 Today, I won’t make you look. I’ll just list em. Your job is to download em and share em. Send folks you know to the links. Heck, copy and paste the list into an email or a Facebook post or tweet this here blog link. (the buttons are all below). Just take em and run and spread the word as you sprint along. Someone you know just might enjoy a Thea read after all.

 The following short stories in ebook format are FREE:







Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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