Smashwords affiliates get 25% of Thea Reads. See how.

Last month, I started taking a better peek at my traffic on Smashwords. What is Smashwords, some of you might ask? Well, dear reader, it’s a nice little retailer/distributor of ebooks that will let you download ebooks in any format you require. Sometimes authors offer free reads via coupons, and sometimes a hefty percent off. If you’re an author, you can upload your ebook for sale at Smashwords and have them distribute to a large amount of ebook retailers.

Smashwords has a lot of perks but as an author, I’ve been ignoring it in favor of letting it distribute my books to places like Itunes and Sony. As I started noticing that I was getting a few views of my books over there, I began to wonder why they rarely SOLD there.

So. I thought I’d offer affiliates of Smashwords the opportunity to pick up 25% of my royalties instead of the standard 11%. If you’re a Smashword affiliate that means you get 25% of the booty when one of your visitors buys a Thea read from a link on your site.

I just set the affiliate setting to 40% this morning, so come February, those links will earn affiliates 40% instead of 25%.

(For info on the affiliates program at Smashwords, click the link.)

How do you get this 25%? Easy. Just sign up for the affiliate program at SW then provide an affiliate link on your blog or website to my Smashwords page or to individual Thea reads over there.

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2 comments on “Smashwords affiliates get 25% of Thea Reads. See how.
  1. […] Smashwords affiliates get 25% of Thea Reads. See how. ( […]

  2. […] Smashwords affiliates get 25% of Thea Reads. See how. ( […]

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