I need a book title and I want your help

Or: Things are getting tight to the launch deadline and I am braindead.

Water Witch Wednesday

by Thea Atkinson

I’m about half finished the first draft of Book Two in the Elemental Magic Series and I’m still sorely lacking a title. All that pops into my head is: A Witch’s Quest for Blood and Fire.

Alas, methinks it’s far too long. But I do love the words…just not the way they’re arranged. So I’ve decided to create a survey and let YOU decide the title. If you’ve read Water Witch, you know the premise, if not the storyline. Let me educate you just a hair about book two.

1. Alaysha meets others who come to have an impact on her in some way

  • There’s Taetha: Alaysha’s aunt and blood witch. What? You say. She’s dead? Yes. Yes, she is.
  • There’s Saxa: Yuri’s lovely wife
  • There’s Gael: Saxa’s fearless brother who is as handsome as he is stoic.
  • There’s Laird: the shaman who prefers to call himself The Laird and speaks as though Alaysha isn’t around.
  • There’s Aislyn: Yenic’s mother and the Fire Witch.
  • There’s Bael: Alaysha calls him the Carrion. You’ll want to know why.

2. Alaysha remembers events in her life that she chose to bury, and that puts her in some interesting situations as she works to control her power. The question is: Is that training being circumvented by her father or some other force she doesn’t yet understand?

3. Has Edulph found a way to infiltrate Sarum?

4. Can Yenic be trusted?


Select the title you like best and help me decide. Just before launch, I’ll gift a copy of book two to 3 pre-launch winners even if I don’t go with any of the list below. (You never know, some thing just might click for me later or the results of the poll might show no one likes any of the titles I’ve put into the survey.)

And stick around to hear more about Alaysha’s journey over the coming weeks.


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13 comments on “I need a book title and I want your help
  1. […] I need a book title and I want your help (theaatkinson.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] I need a book title and I want your help (theaatkinson.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Jane Isaac says:

    I like Blood Witch best. Short & snappy, but also intriguing. Hope this helps.

  4. Obvious is good: that sequence is strikingly simple and easy to remember. Blood and Fire sounds a tad too similar to GRR Martin’s ‘Song of Ice and FIre’

  5. Hey, Thea, I like the suggestion above in keeping with how you started naming your books. It’ll help readers identify with the first title. I suggested something under other, but really like the suggestion made by L.K. Rigel.

  6. Viv says:

    Wish I could help, but I am PANTS at titles…Am going to need help with some of mine, too. FWIW, I like Blood Witch!

  7. How about keeping with the elemental theme for a series?
    Water Witch
    Fire Witch
    Blood Witch

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