Shoutout of thanks to TW Dittmer for this lovely review of an old favorite. I can’t say how humbled I am by this review, and how incredibly grateful. Most people I know have a hard time with a nonlinear story and it was pleasant to hear someone could follow the plot. Personally, I love nonlinear tales: I think “Butterfly Effect” and I’m agog at the genius behind it. I feel smart when I can piece it together. One Insular Tahiti is nowhere near the genius of “The Jacket” or “Butterfly Effect” but I’m pretty stoked that someone enjoyed it.

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T. W. Dittmer

I just finished reading “One Insular Tahiti” by Thea Atkinson, and would like to say a few words about it. I don’t think I can really do this work justice, but was impressed enough to give it a go.

This is not a beach read. This is not a fun read. This is the real deal.

From the beginning, the author pulls you into the story with imagery that flows from surreal serenity to a hard slap up side the head. From the bobbing in the ocean… to the unknown stains on the frat house floor… to the vomit on the borrowed shoes… the descriptions are almost poetic, then suddenly so stark and real that you can smell the scene.

The main characters are genuine, not super-human imaginings that can do no wrong. They’re scarred by life and full of the foibles that make people human, yet still struggling…

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Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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