Is Your EBook Lost In The Straw Jungle Of Amazon?

A Peek From The Haystack: (aka:Haystack Giveaway)

by Thea Atkinson

I used to call Amazon the jungle. I’d refer to my books as being lost somewhere in the depths and needing rescue. Now, I’ve decided the most apt analogy is a straw heap where my books are nine little pieces of dried out grass somewhere in the haystack. They look the same on the surface as any other piece, so why not just pick from the top of the pile?

Like many writers, and especially the ones who self publish, I find it tough to reach my audience. Despite scads of social media and blog posts, I still don’t ‘move’ many books.

Could be a ton of things: from the covers to the blurbs, right down to the stories themselves. I’d like to think that amid the other scads of promotions that other writers are doing, that I just get lost in the pile and would-be readers that might truly love a Thea read, just don’t know I even exist.

I’m hoping to peek out of the pile of straw for a few days, and I’d love to give back to the folks who help me do so.

During the launch week of Water Witch, (UK link)I ran a contest through Rafflecopter. Wow. Was I ever impressed with the ease it offered me. The end result was a few sales, one whole review (Thankyou so much Paul Graves!), and quite a few tweets and visits to my blog.

I consider that a success. Even better, I got to give a reader $25 and a beautiful GelaSkin.

I’d like to try it again, but with a different mindset. To enter without the preamble,

Click Here: (Please note: you can also enter on Facebook on Thea’s Writing Page)

This time, I plan to give away $50 plus a Thea read of the winner’s choice. The ways to enter are:

  • Blog or reblog about the contest. That means you can simply click reblog on the wordpress bar at the top of my post, or you can write your own post about the contest, or just leave a review of one of my books as a post. I’m OK with any of it. I’ve even found a way for you to post the contest rafflecopter widget right on your blog. (If you’re wordpress free, then alas, you can’t I don’t think) Just go to: the Rafflecopter site and copy/paste the appropriate widget code.
  • You can buy a Thea book from just about anywhere. I just need some kind of assurance though. (like a forwarded email receipt…just be sure to delete any of your sensitive information)
  • You can leave me a new review of any Thea book you’ve read! I especially like this entry type. So I’ve given you a chance to leave 2 reviews. Grin. (If you complete this option, consider adding it to your blog as another entry)
  • You can Tweet about the giveaway
  • You can share the giveaway on FB or Pinterest or Stumble

If you’ve already left a review for Water Witch, fill in an entry anyway as I consider that a new review

For me, it’s all about trying to peek out of the vast straw pile of books and wave at folks, call them over, introduce myself. It’s also a chance to offer folks who have given me a chance, an opportunity to get something back.

The contest will run over 6 weeks so new readers have time to read me and leave a review. I might even stick in a few extra goodies over the six weeks, so keep checking back, and do share.


If you liked this post, please do share.

Thea is the author of several novels that she considers left of mainstream. You can find her on BN, Kobo, Sony, Apple

Anomaly by Thea Atkinson


Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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19 comments on “Is Your EBook Lost In The Straw Jungle Of Amazon?
  1. […] the Haystack giveaway. You can win a $50 Amazon […]

  2. Reblogged this on Apparitions of Terror and commented:
    Thea Atkinson is a great writer! Here is a chance to learn more about her work and win a $50 gift card!!

  3. I’ve downloaded a sample of Water Witch, Thea. I love your other books 🙂 so I am very sure I will love this one as well.

    I feel your pain about the indie straw jungle–I’m not there yet, but I have my pith helmet and sturdy boots, ready to hack my way in.

    • Really? Wow on both counts. so glad you like my writing, AND that you are sampling.

      I think for a straw jungle, boots might not be enough. grin. It’s awfully thick in there. you might also need a flashlight. grin let me know when you forage forth, you can have some space on my blog. t

  4. […] forget the Haystack giveaway. You can win a $50 Amazon […]

  5. […] forget the Haystack giveaway. You can win a $50 Amazon […]

  6. […] forget the Haystack giveaway. You can win a $50 Amazon […]

  7. […] forget the Haystack giveaway. You can win a $50 Amazon […]

  8. Viv says:

    Oh boy.
    I have been thinking about this a lot.
    Yesterday someone I know slightly on Twitter approached me and a lot of others asking that we retweet etc to try and get her book further up the charts. I felt a little sorry for her, bought a book I didn’t really want (77p) and retweeted a few times. Today her book is 24 in one list when the day before it was at 120k ranking. Would she do it for me? Possibly (probably) not. I’d certainly not do it again; I have a feeling of being manipulated now. It felt like my goodnature was being taken advantage of.
    There has to be a way of promoting successfully without this bad taste in the mouth and a compromise of integrity; I think you’re doing it really well. I only wish it produced more sales etc.

    • Well, I don’t know if I’m doing it well or not, but I absolutely agree with you. I’m not sure how to do it well without feeling dirty. I just know I’m the poor schlep who has to do the marketing and I’m not trained in it.

      visibility has become even harder with the shift of Amazon algorithms and I think sales are down for a lot of indies. So the old mantra of running a marathon must prevail for folks like us Viv. TY for visiting you always leave such thoughtful comments.

      • Viv says:

        Ah so it isn’t just me. Comforting in some ways. I think we’re all feeling our way; just as we think we’ve got it sort of covered, there’s another shift. I’d like to beat Amazon with an old fashioned slide rule for messing with the ‘logs again.

    • I could not to do that. I can’t approach ppl and ask them to help me climb the charts. I’m hesistant to put RT please in my blog posts for a give away of someone else’s book.

  9. Wow, I can so relate to this post. Yes, I’m a fellow indie lost in the straw jungle. I call it the No Luck Club, because supposedly, you need the following to sell: 1) Well-written book, 2) Professional cover 3) good formatting, and 4) Luck. I’ve made every effort to ensure I have the first three, and get good feedback from readers – the few who find my work. Water Witch looks good – I’m going to download a sample. Good luck with the contest!

  10. I learned way too late that promoting is a never ending job. Sounds like you understand what needs to be done and are moving in a positive and proactive direction.

  11. Ugh, I know that lost feeling. Every article or suggestion I read about selling books always say the same thing: find readers. Well, that’s not all that easy! lol
    Your books are awesome, Thea and I think I own them all.

    • Patricia! it’s wonderful people like you that I’ve met through social media that make me realize how wide and amazing this world is. You always, always, make me smile.

      thanks for another one

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