Amazon is giving away One Insular Tahiti today

Image I do hope you’ll grab a copy while it’s free. But if today for you is March 19, then it’s free. If it’s past that, then I’m sorry to say, you missed it. OIT is still available to borrow from the Lending Library though.

AND: March 20, it’s to be featured on Kindle Fire Department. If you haven’t visited KFD, please go. You’ll be happy you did.

If you enjoy stories of reincarnation, and a story that can be a little dark in places, you might enjoy it–or someone you know might enjoy it. Please visit and download One Insular Tahiti and if you like it, please consider leaving a review

Gimme Some Reviews:

 Kim Tarbox:

This book is a well-written masterpiece. The story flows well. If I could have given this book more than 5 stars I would have.

Kate Policani

Thea’s writing is vivid and gripping. I found myself itching to move on to Luke’s birth, hoping as he did that the next chapter would be it. I joined him in his feeling of dread when he saw another awful epoch of his past life rush in again, and in his elation when he encountered moments of joy.

Sibel Hodge

Thea has such an eloquent way with words, her writing is smooth and the descriptions are vivid. This is an amazing book!

Gimme some Info:

Luke MacIsaac is dead, and not restfully dead. His death has come the way he always feared it would: in the claustrophobic, underground heat of a Cape Breton coal mine. He had suspected it would end this way, had embraced it even, so while his body is buried, his soul settles into a watery existence of endless waiting.

But in short order the placid waters of his afterlife turn to rolling seas of time and memory as his violent past plays out again for him. Images of war, childhood abuse, and the tortured life of a brother he loved and failed threaten to inundate him.

More than anything, he wants to escape.

In his confusion and pain, he senses a kindred spirit in Astrid, a newborn struggling to stay alive. Luke helps her in hopes she may one day be the one who brings him out of his purgatory and into a new incarnation.

What he doesn’t realize is that Astrid’s soul is linked to his own hellish past life and that he has selected her because of it. In order to live again, he must experience all the anguish they went through together, and watch helplessly as Astrid goes through sorrows of her own.

Can he endure those memories long enough to make the connection and find forgiveness?


Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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2 comments on “Amazon is giving away One Insular Tahiti today
  1. I love the idea of this novel, and after reading the first page I can’t wait to read the rest – it’s on my kinlde now, thank you!

  2. Novel Girl says:

    Great reviews, and I like reincarnation and dark novels. Downloaded 🙂

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