Selling to 5000. Get an ebook for nothing

In celebration of 5000 sold

Here’s the deal:

Buy OIT from Amazon, email with the receipt (you can delete out any personal info, but I’m going to bin them after anyway) and I’ll shoot you off a coupon code to download Formed of Clay for free.

Offer is good all week from Feb 25-Mar 3. Let’s say around 5pm AST, just to pin a deadline.

Here’s the backstory:

Well, it took me longer than most: almost 16 months to sell a grand total of 5000 books. I met that wondrous goalpost last week, and I’m pretty stoked.

I’m not even counting the freebies I’ve given away: just the ones that brought in money–even pennies (which is what most bring in, admittedly.)

Yesterday, I gave away on Amazon a cool 5978 copies of One Insular Tahiti. Weird: it took me 16 months to sell 5000 in total of all my books, and in one day I surpass my sales with one giveaway. Wow. I’m hoping I now have at least 600 new fans. Is asking for 10% too much?

I wonder.

Anyway, I’d love to see OIT actually sell a few, so if you’ve been thinking of grabbing a copy, and didn’t make it in time for the freebie, I’d be pleased to package it with Formed of Clay (coupon from Smashwords). Just see the DEAL above. grin.

Here’s some Praise:

“These characters were so real that I wondered if they came from experience of the author or someone she knows. Afflictions that I know nothing about, but wonder about, are explained in a moving manner. The writing really made me feel I had seen through someone else’s eyes, understanding their feelings and motivations. I really liked that! It didn’t change my beliefs, but it did make me feel I gained sympathy for others’ perspectives.
I really enjoyed One Insular Tahiti and I would highly recommend it to adults who are prepared for its depth and dark themes. ” ~Kate Policani (Amazon Review)

“.. It’s sad, hopeful, painful, forgiving, thought-provoking, all rolled into one. And it’s like nothing I’ve read before.” ~Sibel Hodge (Amazon Review)

More reviews

Here’s the blurb:

Luke MacIsaac is dead, and not restfully dead. His death has come the way he always feared it would: in the claustrophobic, underground heat of a Cape Breton coal mine. He had suspected it would end this way, had embraced it even, so while his body is buried, his soul settles into a watery existence of endless waiting.

But in short order the placid waters of his afterlife turn to rolling seas of time and memory as his violent past plays out again for him. Images of war, childhood abuse, and the tortured life of a brother he loved and failed threaten to inundate him.

More than anything, he wants to escape.

In his confusion and pain, he senses a kindred spirit in Astrid, a newborn struggling to stay alive. Luke helps her in hopes she may one day be the one who brings him out of his purgatory and into a new incarnation.

He discovers too late that Astrid’s soul is linked to his hellish past life. Now he must experience all the anguish they went through together, and watch helplessly as Astrid goes through sorrows of her own, before the two of them can finally meet in this world and find peace together.


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Anomaly by Thea Atkinson

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4 comments on “Selling to 5000. Get an ebook for nothing
  1. Congrats, Thea! The blurb sounds like the book’s an interesting read.

  2. Roxie says:

    congrats! an honest writer, you are a gem! glad things are going well, I wish you continued success!

  3. Thank you, Thea, for providing your experience of selling the book, and providing some honest numbers. I like how you’ve provided both some praise and the blurb in your post. That’s great promotion! It’s also super inspiring! I love all the covers of your books –who does them?

    • Rachel:

      Thanks so much for the kind words. My numbers are modest compared to some, but I’m happy with them. Maybe someday I’ll earn enough to pay for the Liberation treatment for hubby, but for now, I’m content plodding away.

      Ronnell Porter did Throwing Clay Shadows and I created the rest. I’ll be sure to pass the praise along to him.


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