For the unromantic soul: a Valentines respite

A while back I got asked by a fun blog if I’d write a post for them on romance for the February season, it being Valentines and all. Well, anyone who knows me knows just how romantic I am..

Ask hubby who has been forgotten on many a Valentines day, let alone our wedding anniversary.

Ask the friend of mine who begged me to write a romance novel for her and ended up with a story about death.

Ask the boy I went on a date with in my youth only to sit in his van coloring and yakking up a storm.

Ask my mother who tried to dress me in frills and teach me to be a lady but got a sulk and dirty clothes and nails for her trouble.

Ask the neighborhood boy who settled for me as an afternoon companion when he found out my older brother couldn’t come out to beat up some kids because he was being grounded.

Sigh. Not a romantic bone in my body.

It’s the result of having too much testosterone in my near vicinity, i think. Or maybe it’s just because I don’t understand it. Whatever the case, i did write the post, and I think I did ok with it. In fact, I think I learned a few things. Please do the blog a favour for me, and reward their belief in me with a visit over at Lost in Fiction.



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6 comments on “For the unromantic soul: a Valentines respite
  1. […] really don’t want to know the horrible things I said in those first ten minutes of reading my first Charlaine Harris Sookie […]

  2. Diane Tibert says:

    I’m confused. I always thought a romantic person would mysteriously send a rose to the person they admired, plan a dinner under candle light and write a poem for their crush. I didn’t believe it had anything to do with dresses, high-heeled shoes and lip stick. I consider myself a very romantic person who loves moonlit boat rides and riding double on a horse. Yet, I’m an old jean and T-shirt and sneaker girl who doesn’t tend her hair (wash and go) or nails and doesn’t wear make-up. You know, I consider it romantic if a couple clean fish together. But that’s just me given the fact I grew up with seven brothers.

  3. Viv says:

    I have my own theories about why some of us just don’t get romance at all but it’s better I keep them private as I’d rather not get torn to shreds!
    Needless to say, I’m with you on this.
    One odd thing. When I mentioned a year or two back in our staffroom about how I dislike romance vehemently, my boss at the time was very surprised, even shocked by it. He commented about how I look like the heroine of a romantic novel. It has been said that my life sounds like a novel too.

  4. Louisa Klein says:

    Very funny post! Thank you for your time and your article, it was in fact pretty thoughtful, especially considering the series you chose to review!:) I bought Rattling Bones and I love it! Will post a review as soon as I finish it and I finish coordinating this Lost in Romance event which is draining the life out of me!!!
    Take care,

    • phew. You make me feel so much better about my worrisome post. Glad you liked it (and Bones). Incidentally, the short story mentioned in this blog post is in Ratttling Bones. It’s “Like Breaking Crystal”

      thanks for stopping by, Louisa. I had fun giving the post over at Lost in Fiction some thought.

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