Buy an Ebook get an ebook: A tribute to LC Evans

Today is tribute day for LC Evans

Like most people, I’ve been touched by Cancer in some way; it’s tough these days to find someone who hasn’t either lost a loved one to the disease, is living through the difficult and emotive task of caretaking for a loved one, or is struggling to heal from it. The lucky ones have happy endings: they are too few in number. As long as one person has to suffer the treatment, suffer the disease, suffer the living through it, it’s one too many.

My next door neighbor died of Cancer about 20 years ago. She was a beautiful, caring, sweet lady. My best friend’s mother and father-in-law both died from the disease–again, two beautiful, humanistic people. A dear friend is working hard right now at fighting the disease.

I could go on and on–just like you can, I’m sure.

But this isn’t a post about Cancer. It’s a post about a writer. She happened to have succumbed earlier this month to the disease, and well, sometimes when you’re given an opportunity to help, that is so small in effort but makes a big difference–you just have to say yes.

As a tribute to LC Evans, author of We Interrupt This Date, indie writers from different parts of the globe are banding together  on Jan 24 New Zealand time to help sell her books for the one day, hoping to raise some money to put into the estate’s coffers, hoping to show their appreciation, hoping to build awareness. I’m doing my small, ever so small part by writing this blog post.

So please. If you’ve ever seen the name, or seen the book, and thought you’d like to give it a try, just do the following:

  • buy a LC Evans book from Amazon and save the receipt you get, just block out all personal info
  • click over to the IndieView where your receipt gets entered to win over 40 free ebooks plus another ebook of your choice for free.

Happy reading, and thank you thank you thank you. I know LC would be humbled by your generosity.



Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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