5 Indie authors that give me hope for 2012: (Amanda Hocking notwithstanding)

Instead of writing my own blog post for New Year’s, I wrote one for another author’s blog. I love to guest post at other blogs, so I jumped at the chance. I do hope you will click over to it to show that host some blogging love, but if you’d rather not click through, I’ve added just the names here, but the full post is over at Tanya Cantois blog All Things Books. (We have different timezones, so I’m hoping we hit the blogsphere at the same time, but if not, it’ll be there. Trust me.)

5 Indies that give me hope for 2012: (Amanda Hocking notwithstanding)

These writers may write towards genre, but they pay careful attention to the language that they use. They raise just above the typical average reading level and move toward something that offers reader opportunity to turn the story over in her mind and investigate it on more than just the surface level.

No matter whether genre, they haven’t forgotten the little things that turn writing into something wonderful.

I’m not sure how well they sell; I think they are quite regular. I’m quite certain they are not multimillion best-sellers, but they have got my attention and they should get yours.

  1. Suzanne Tyrpak, author of Vestal Virgin
  2. Moses Siregar: author of Black Gods War
  3. Larry Enright: author of Four Years from Home
  4. Sean Sweeney: author of multiple novels with a variety of genres
  5. Robert duPerre: author of The Rift

and one extra:

Al Boudreau: author of In Memory Of Greed (for having so many positive reviews)

What they tell me is that if I choose to, I can write a genre novel with good character development, unique conceits instead of hackneyed phrases. I can add an extended metaphor and yes, obsessive corollaries. I can send the dialogue off in oblique directions to build tension. Yes. I can pay careful attention to craft and still aim for genre.

Because I am an independent author just like them, and that label too has given me hope.


I would like to list an inspirational author here.

Vivienne Tuffnell: author of Strangers and Pilgrims. (This book inspired me the most this year. It was a wonderful, heartfelt read)

Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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2 comments on “5 Indie authors that give me hope for 2012: (Amanda Hocking notwithstanding)
  1. […] 5 Indie authors that give me hope for 2012: (Amanda Hocking notwithstanding) (theaatkinson.wordpress.com) […]

  2. Viv says:

    Humbled….and speechless!

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