After Dark

The WithLoveProject is an ongoing charity anthology series that benefits Doctors Without Borders. Organized by Ethics Trading and corporation with The Writing Network, the series published the first edition on March 25th, 2011. Since then, there have been two more anthologies created and published to support the humanitarian mission of Doctors Without Borders.  Currently there are 3 anthologies, with many more coming.

After the first, each anthology has a predetermined theme. With each theme, there is the hope that the hope is the stories submitted will be so good, they can’t be easily cut. Another constant desire for the anthologies is that each story will reflect a unique situation, point of view and variety of environment. After Dark contributors did not let us down.

The stories within the pages range from scary to comical, from vivid images that will churn your stomach to entertainment that will have you giggling. There are eight incredibly talented authors with positive giving spirits within the pages of this edition to the WithLoveProject. They poured their hearts onto the page and created such exquisite variety that this is one of the best books I know I’ve ever read.

Here is a sample from returning contributor Matt Posner’s story Sweet Barn Air:


We came into a small town in Alabama – I won’t say which, so the dead can rest a while longer, but it wasn’t quite into Appalachia. In the foothills, coal-mining country – kind of place where a pie was a big event. We put on the show in the usual way. The ostrich was skittish, a bellyache the vet said. Local acts weren’t much good — a hound dog that could scoot under a limbo bar on its back, a girl dancing in a tutu who had mosquito bites all over her legs — but the gate was enough for us all to eat and even to feed the tiger a haunch that didn’t smell too bad. So a few of us went to a barbecue pit we’d heard about. It was a dark, smoke-filled wood building on a dirt road in the backwoods, and was run by the wives of some sharecroppers. We had ribs and beers and laughs, and we were just easing on our hats and coats to go when a little man came in. Gray coat, crumpled hat, bow-tie. Looked more than half like a weasel. Eyes dark and cold, head nodding in the direction of his gaze.

                “I’m looking,” he said quickly, tilting his head a little, “for a man name of Silas Varner.”

                “I’m Silas Varner,” Varner said. “Buy you a beer?”

A sharecropper’s wife fetched the weasel a bottle.

“Name’s Sykes,” the weasel said when he was through with his beer. “I represent the new star of your circus. You sign this man, you won’t be a penny-ante show. Not ever again.”

“Star of the show, hey?” Varner said. “Well, tell me more.”

“He’s a giant,” Sykes said. “I reckon he runs thirteen foot tall.”

A few of the carnies whistled, the way you do when you hear the winner of a lying contest.


To learn more about how you can contribute to the project, either with a story, art or promotion please visit either Ethics Trading or The Writing Network or the Facebook fanpage.

You can find the With Love Charity Anthology Series at all major ebook retailers.


Paranormal Anthology – After Dark, With Love 

Not your typical Romance Anthology – Dawn of Indie Romance, With Love

Chocolate Box Variety Anthology – With Love, by Indie Writers United


Paranormal Anthology – After Dark, With Love

Not your typical Romance Anthology – Dawn of Indie Romance, With Love

Chocolate Box Variety Anthology – With Love, by Indie Writers United



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