Will you join my army of squirrels?

It’s war, people, and I need an army.

You’ve heard of guerrilla warfare? For us authors, it’s called guerrilla marketing, and you can imagine all that entails: Work. Scheming. Work some more.

Well, I’ve realized that’s about what it will take to get my blog seen, read, visited, shared. That’s what it’s going to take to reach my target audience to even know I exist, let alone buy and read me.

Alas. I’m just not that kinda gal.

Oh, I’ve tried a few things in my day to woo the would-be reader; I admit it. (Let’s call them little squirrels who are all nice and cozy in their fur-lined dens, snuggled against a stockpile of favored nuts to chew on when they get peckish. They have no need to poke their noses out into the cold to sniff for other, new and as yet unsavored seeds. No. Would should they? I know I wouldn’t.)

I’ve done what I can to woo the little critters. I’ve built my brand with posts that are relevant to the type of writing I do. I’ve offered samples. I’ve given books away in contests wherever I had a chance, I’ve sought out reviews, gotten impromptu reviews, I’ve chatted on twitter and Facebook, and Goodreads. I’ve passed out coupons and freebies and guested on other blogs. I’ve answered interview questions, posted on forums, and given other writers opportunities to guest on mine, paid it forward, paid it back, and paid it sideways.


I’m not good at marketing. I write. I’m a writer. It took me years to let myself wear that label and I’ll be durned if I paste another one onto it. I figure if I can continue to craft my tales with care, study to hone my craft, keep learning and applying, eventually someone will find me.

Nope. Not at all. The squirrels have no reason to trade out those nuts.

So I need an army.

But I won’t recruit one like John Locke seems to have been able to do. (Way to go, John!)

I, like so many authors I know, will merely quietly harbour delusions of a horde of timid squirrels rising up from their pile of fragrant seeds and nuts and realize they want something new. I see an army of them overrunning the ‘jungle’ (hitherto known as the Amazon) and swarming over the small, but delicate flavor of the Thea nut–to find it very tasty indeed.

Here little squirrel. Come see what I have for you. Won’t you join my army?


Ratling Bones is FREE

Folks: My newest woo nugget is available for free on Smashwords with coupon code: ZQ49V. It’s a short story collection that I believe will appeal to the women’s fiction reader who isn’t afraid of a little shadow in her light read.

Please, if you’ve wondered whether or not the ‘Thea nut’ has any flavor at all, go pick up a copy and read a few stories.

 And if you want to be part of the Thea army of squirrels, please pass this blog post around, share it on Facebook, link to it on your own blogs, Stumble or Reddit, or whatever you do. I’ll take anything. If you post a tweet with the hashtag #squirrelarmy I’ll add you to my list and spread the word for you too!


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Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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19 comments on “Will you join my army of squirrels?
  1. V. A. Givens says:

    Such a clever blog! I have retweeted from someone I’m following. Would love to also follow you, but can’t seem to find your link. I’m @vagivens. Keep amassing that army!! 🙂

  2. Diane Tibert says:

    As an idie author, I understand the need to build an army to get the word out. It’s a struggle to be taken seriously when there are voices out there saying that books by self-published writers aren’t as good as those traditionally published. I could call them snobs, misguided individuals or afraid of thinking outside the box, but I won’t. They are what they are and each year their numbers dwindle.

    Perhaps someone needs to begin an organization such as the Nova Scotia Federation of Independant Authors. We could share ideas, help each other through the maze of self-publishing, come together to host book launches and festivals, etc. Thinking outside the box would be encouraged, not frowned upon.

    Great post, Thea. The face of self-publshing and the attitudes towards it has changed drastically over the past 20 years. Let’s see what the next 20 years bring.

  3. I think that authors should support one another as much as we can, and that includes letting our public know about good reads. I’ll join your squirrel army, Thea. Thank you for the free collection. I’m off to download it.

    • Excellent, Elizabeth. So glad to hear it. and YES. I believe the same thing. We have to stick together; it’s not a competition, is it? I mean, if I help you and you help me, then we’re forming relationships and networks and we read each other and encourage one another. That’s what communication is at it’s heart, and that’s why we writer, eh?

  4. […] week, I mentioned I was looking for an army of squirrels. (folks who love reading and stockpile their books like nuts in their cozy little […]

  5. have tweeted! will go climb off my pile of nuts and check out your writings…!

  6. Viv says:

    I’ve shared.
    I do agree with you. I also think that people (=readers) actually expect far too much of independent writers and we also expect too much of ourselves. We have a skill (writing) and then we are expected to be as brilliant as that in other areas (formatting, techie stuff, cover design, social media, marketing) or be dismissed as “just another of those self published wannabe authors”. It seems also to be why certain folks would rather go with GardenShedRipOff Publishers just so they can avoid the stigma of being self-published. I’ve had some rather snide remarks come my way.
    Anyway, as a guinea pig, I shall acquire a strap-on fluffy tail and join your army.

  7. rosereads says:

    I will happily join!! Squeak!! Squeak!! I really loved this post and share some of the same frustrations even through I am just getting started,

    • EXcellent, Lucinda! now we are an indomitable army of 3! thanks so much for commenting. I wanted to put into words my frustration of the journey and maintain a positive outlook. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  8. I’ll be part of your squirrel army, I love your books and am so glad I found them. =)

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