Today is about Frogs guest post by @themartinking

Today is about Frogs

by Martin King

1976 was an absolute scorcher in England. Many will remember it well for the giant ladybirds. In fact I remember go for a walk on hill near to my home called Bobpreston and the field was full of them. But that is a story for another day. Today’s story is about frogs.

Near to my home was a small quarry known as Rainhall Rocks. During the industrial years where cotton was king and it was transported along the canal networks, a small offshoot was created that led to Rainhall Rocks. It meant they could ship the stone to the canal very easily. However the tunnel connecting the two collapsed many years ago creating a small narrow lake.

A country lane cut the water area in two with a tunnel underneath linking the two sections together. But this too had collapsed in time. So if you are still with me at this point, you had two landlocked mini lakes separated by a country lane. As kids we used to play down there all the time.

Well one day I was on my and was walking towards Rainhall Rocks looking for my friends. As I approached the area it seemed as the whole road was moving. The closer I got, the more I realised it wasn’t the road that was moving, but it was what was on it – a sea of baby frogs! I’m telling you now; this was the most frogs in one place at one time, ever!

Due to the heat wave, there was abnormal amount of frog spawn laid, in one side of the lake. The day I walked along the lane was the day when nearly all the baby frogs had an internal homing device telling them to get to the other side. And that was the day I witnessed the march of the frogs!

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3 comments on “Today is about Frogs guest post by @themartinking
  1. angelasoelzerragosa says:

    Wonderful story on the simple wonders of life and living the mindful life. I truly enjoyed reading your post!

  2. Frogs by the thousands, eh? beats the two in my garden pond. 1976 was the year of ‘the drought’ and the accompanying heatwave is something I featured in my novel, Breaking Faith.
    Lovely story, Martin.

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