Ogle Me Some features: Stone Temple Pilots (STP)

STP at Halifax Metro Centre

Scott doing the Crackerman mic thang

Back in November of 2009, I got the chance to see STP in concert at the Metro Centre in Halifax. I know they’re not a Nova Scotia band, but they came to Halfax, and I’m a HUGE STP fan. I even bought Scott Weiland’s biography for my Kindle and read it in a day. Despite some critic panning, I really enjoyed it because it actually sounded authentically written by him, not by a ghost writer.

Anyway. Back to the concert.

I had to sneak in my lil point and shoot. I was in a seat in the first row over to the side (um. NOT the floor. My daughter was on the floor AT THE FRONT with a friend, so Mama had to have seat…besides I’m getting old.)

They played ALL my favs. All of them. Every last one except Atlanta, but I didn’t really expect that anyway, so that’s OK. This pic is from when they played Crackerman. So I’m a sticking up that video for ya too right from the actual concert cause some guy was vidya taping it and I found it on Youtube.


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2 comments on “Ogle Me Some features: Stone Temple Pilots (STP)
  1. Grung Rocker says:

    Love these rockers!! What an awesome band!

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