Ogle Me Some features Wintersleep novascotia #music @wintersleep

Tim d'Eon from Wintersleep at Nova Scotia Music Week in Yarmouth

Tim d'Eon from Wintersleep at Nova Scotia Music Week in Yarmouth

This week’s Ogle Me Some was decided the moment I saw a commercial on televeision that used Wintersleep background music and a local guy at the end planting a tree. (Vid is below)

This pic is of hometown boy, Tim d’Eon playing at the NS Music Week gala during Nov 2010. I had a seat way in the 11th roy and I’m lucky to have caught something this good as when they explode on stage, these boys in Wintersleep explode on stage.

They are making it big and in just two and half years since getting nominated for, and winning, a Juno, these guys are really rolling. They were on Letterman, if you can believe it. You can follow them on twitter for updates. (@wintersleep)

Nova Scotia has so much talent, and so much

Wintersleep accepting award at NSMW

Wintersleep (and Kermit) accepting award at NSMW

very close to home that it’s amazing. The world is finally taking notice. Local boys like Ryan Cook are opening for Big name country acts like Dwight Yoakem. Post on Ryan next week., I think.

For your listening enjoyment, here is the video for “Weighty Ghost” by Wintersleep folllowed by the commercial that got me excited.

Way to go guys!


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6 comments on “Ogle Me Some features Wintersleep novascotia #music @wintersleep
  1. Ah, another bluenose on the web (although I call Australia home now). Agree with the depth of talent in and from Nova Scotia. Amazing, considering the small pool. But a deep pool. Not just music (I have a talented cousin who started his music in Cape Breton and is now killing it in the Ottawa to Toronto corridor) but in writing and performing arts also.

    (Note: found my way here by way of your response to Robert Duperre’s review of your novel, which I’m going to have to put on my list to read after I’m finished the 1st draft of my current.)

    • it’s always so nice to see where people come from and how they actually find me. I’m so excited to have a new commenter; welcome. I know you must be from Nova Scotia if you know the term Bluenose, and I wonder if you ever miss the ocean. I’m not sure I could move somewhere where it would be so hot that I never got to see fog again.

      as for music, I’m always astounded to see the depth of the talent here. So many unsung heroes of art in our area. I hope eventually Toronto will discover that there is life beyond the Western front.

      Good luck with your writing and come back again soon.

  2. Norah Wilson says:

    Woot! Someone who loves Wintersleep as much as I do! And I hadn’t seen the Molson commercial. Too cool!

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