Epiracy and ebooks. Have you been hacked?

Thea’s Three Mashup

June 24

There was a lot of rumbling early this week about ebook piracy. Most notably, a good colleague and friend Mel Comley mentioned it in a group I belong to and started a frenzy of great discussion. It put me to thinking: Would I be upset if someone stole my work? Would I think, hey, now I’ve made it? Epiracy hasn’t much hurt JK Rowling, has it? If I get pirated, that must mean I’m popular.

I can afford to think these things because so far, I’ve not been pirated enmasse, and I’m quite sure I’d be furious if I found out I was…especially since my sales are not stellar. I’d REALLY be ticked if folks were d/ling my work in droves and I was getting 70% of 2.99 once a day. Grrr. Ok. Now my blood is sufficiently boiling. Grin.

The Mashup has some links on epiracy info. I thought it prudent to at least keep a tab in case I needed to research more in the future. (hope not.)

So: Thea’s Three (plus a bonus track today) are:

So: what are your thoughts on stealing ebooks? Reader to reader? Writer to Writer? Writer to Reader? Reader to Writer?

Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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3 comments on “Epiracy and ebooks. Have you been hacked?
  1. alberta ross says:

    I don’t think people have a right to ‘steal’ a book anymore than they have a right to steal anything – however it will happen more and more as

    a)technology advances
    b)as distributers and publishers continue to market an e-book at the same or higher price than the hard copy (whatever their cost’s the public perception is that e-books should be substantialy cheaper)
    c) They continue to operate closed loops between publishers/authors/distributers -( in an age where it is considered a god given right to have accesss to everything – anything goes!)
    d) so many free e-books are offered – complete collections of classics etc (out of copyright books) the public then want all e-books free thinking if a huge Book like Dickens can be put out at no cost! so can one of our smaller masterpeices.

    Unfortunatley the world has encouraged it with their ever demanding ‘we have the right’ attitude – (I don’t happen to think anyone has a god given right to anything but thats a different argument) Pirates are as old as the hills – we will never get rid of it – However a good start would be to get rid of the restrictions – price the e-book edition at a realistic price lower than the hard copy and know that most people are honest ( I think!)

    The comment above (sugar and spice) is a reasoned argument and by the way Sugar and Spice is a rattling good read – I highly recomment it (legal copy that is) a real page turner

    • I agree with both of you. Basically, there are always people who will pirate regardless of cost or anything else. but some will buy the book if it’s reasonable or easy to access. Make it easy for the readers to find you, buy you, and appreciate you and leave the rest to the gods, i say.

  2. Yep, Sugar & Spice has turned up on several pirate sites. Does it bother us?

    Not so much. First and foremost we can’t do anything realistic about us. JK may be able to afford an army of lawyers to issue cease and desist statements but most authors can’t.

    is it costing us sales? I doubt it. Anyone inclined to those sort of sites probably wouldn’t buy us anyway. As indie publishers our books are cheap enough to be affordable anyway.

    A good way to keep track is to run google alerts on your author name and title, which will bring up new piracy sites with your book on. But as to doing anything about it…

    At this level it just is not worth the aggro.

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