#WW Exercise at GonzoInk: Pick a genre, any genre #amwriting @larryenright

Pick a genre, any genre. No cheating now.

Literary dog
Scifi juvenile delinquent
Thriller holocost survivor
Mystery soldier
Crime 80 year old widow
Humor wicked witch of the north
Romance 11 year old at fat camp
Chicklit serial killer
Fantasy Boudicca

This week’s exercise is a little different. Pick a genre. See them up there? In my April blogstreak, I had to write a piece of flash fiction for each one (and more. Heavens, what was I thinking?)

Your job is to select a genre. Got one? Good. Now the fun begins. Each genre has a character. that’s the thing in the next column right next to the genre. You can make it the main character or a periphery character, but you have to include it.

Next, Listen to the youtube video below. That is the story’s genesis. What does that mean? Heck, that’s up to you. I’m just providing the exercise, silly.

Feel free to comment below, paste your story, a line from your story, a complaint about the exercise, whatever…and get entered to win a copy of Four Years From Home by Larry Enright at the end of the month.

Now, go. Be creative if you can. Mwah ha ha

Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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