Thea’s Three Mashup: @melcom1 @dailycheapreads

Thea’s Three Mashup

June 3, 2011

This week, I decided to Stumble my picks and guess what? Two personal favorites came up , so I immediately assumed it was Karma kicking my tires. I get to pass it on, you get to check em out:

1. OK. I’m a sucker for a cheap read. One day, I’ll manage to get featured here, but for those of you who don’t know it exists: Daily Cheap Reads is a fab place to pick up some freebies and great deals.

2. Having a hard time picking just the right name for a character? When I was writing Anomaly, Molly started out as three other names before I found the one that fit. Take a peek at this online name generator. cool idea.

3.Mel Comley has become quite a force with her two thriller novels, Impeding Justice and Final Justice. She has a blog where she does everything she can to support indie authors: even has guest posting. She’s one of my favorites this week just because she is always a doll on twitter. (@melcom1) in case you’re wondering

There you have it. Please feel comfortable to comment on my mashup and let me know if I’m linking you to anything interesting. I’m happy to hear. Or if you’d like to add a favorite for me to check out, let me know in the comments box thingie.


Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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2 comments on “Thea’s Three Mashup: @melcom1 @dailycheapreads
  1. Mel Comley says:

    Thanks Thea, I’ll throw a questionaire your way in the next week or so. x

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