GonzoInk Friday blog Mashup: Thea’s 3

Friday Mashup at GonzoInk: Blogs I liked or Thea’s Three

I read a post on Kristen Lamb’s blog that made me think this week, and thinking for Thea is always bad. I end up doing things. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes, they’re bad. Sometimes they just eat my time. But this particular post was interesting; it talked about the socialization of blogs. Reading blogs takes time, and I discovered that when someone comments on my posts, I like it becuase it shows that they took the time to read me….and comment. So I started commenting on blogs I read. Not a lot, just letting folks know I was there.

Well, Kristen Lamb had a better reason for commenting: networking. Go read her post and tell me it’s not sheer and unequivable genius (if not common sense. Ho! How could I not have considered it before.)

Anyway, she also mentioned mashups. Wha??? I’d never heard of the term. If you’ve gone to read her post like I mentioned, you’ll know what it is. If you don’t, go read the post. Grin.

So I’m going to do mashups on Fridays from now on. I read blogs anyways, and I comment, so why not tell you what I found most interesting? No reason why not, except I have to find the time to write the post.

I’ll keep it simple. I’ll list my fav three for the week and I’ll try to not give the same blog twice in a row. (But to be honest, some folks are favs because they’re favs and I’ll be hard pressed not to tell you that Larry Enright’s King in a Court of Fools posts don’t delight the hell out of me or that Al Boudreau’s wonderful world of articulate thought doesn’t make me go…hmmm.) BTW: I’m not counting them in my three this week. So sue me. Grin.

So: without further ado, Thea’s Three are:

Jake Barton blog

R Doug wicker


Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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2 comments on “GonzoInk Friday blog Mashup: Thea’s 3
  1. RDoug says:

    Thank you for both the pingback and the listing of my blog under your week’s favorite blogs, Thea. I also clicked through to the blog that started this—Kristen Lamb’s. Great concept. I may start doing this on one of my normally unscheduled blog days.

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