You know you’ve made it when: interview with @jasoncmcintyre

I’m thrilled to tell you that The Farthest Reaches blog run by Jason C McIntyre is running an interview with me today. Why am I so thrilled? Well, I met JC on twitter and he has proven himself to be a veritable fount of information that’s useful AND usable to nummies like me. He’s got it goin’ on, as they say. He has a huge following and everyone is always ready to listen to what he has to say. When he first RT’d a tweet of mine to his over…I don’t know…million followers, I swear my heart just stopped. He’s friendly, encouraging, and ultimately one of the funnest people I have on my list. Sometimes he sends out these really neat messages that make me run right over to his blog. And…heres’ the kicker for me…he’s Canadian. Yay Canucks!

One of my favorite of his covers is for Thalo Blue. It really speaks to me. Just not sure what it is the pulls me right to it, but my eyes are drawn.


Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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3 comments on “You know you’ve made it when: interview with @jasoncmcintyre
  1. Great review! This is truly the type of blog post that needs to be shared around the internet. Shame on the Bing for not positioning this article higher!

  2. theaatkinson says:

    Aw. Seriously my pleasure.I’m not sure about people thinking I’m da bomb, but maybe I’ve bullied a few people into visiting. I won’t lie. And I’ve got a sample of Thalo Blue on my Kindle right now. Told you the cover is eye catching!

  3. What the HECK?! That is such a cool shout-out, Thea, my friend! Thanks for being with me on my blog this week. Hopefully folks will continue to hammer my site for the next few days to read your guest post — today’s already proven to be a huge day for traffic at the site. People think you’re da bomb!

    Oh, and thanks for mentioning my book, THALO BLUE. So glad you like the cover. I’m trying to make ’em nice to look at, not just nice to read.

    j. //

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