Writer Wednesday Exercise at GonzoInk

You must know I just finished a blogstreak where I posted a different piece of fiction on a different blog in a different genre every day for 30 days. I threw out a challenge for folks to do their own blog streak for 7 days. I guest judged Leah Peterson’s 5 minute fiction contest yesterday.

I bet you’ll know what the exercise is going to be:

Inspired by Leah’s site I’d like the GonzoInk writing exercise to be a 7 minute flash fiction challenge. I’ll pick the genre and the jumpoff point (the prompt.) I’ll even provide a picture and a link to some music to help the muse. You write whatever comes to mind and paste it down in the comments box. (or not)

Feel free to comment on other pieces.

You can’t do it wrong, you can only avoid doing it.

Come on, get your morning exercise out of the way. Warm up before the day’s real writing.

So: the prompt is Scarecrow

The music is “Underneath the Scarecrow” Courtesy of Cristine Crawford’s MySpace


Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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2 comments on “Writer Wednesday Exercise at GonzoInk
  1. If I’d found this at a sensible time of day I might well have been tempted Thea. Do you not have an RSS subscription option anywhere on site?

    • theaatkinson says:

      hmm. not sure. is it in the top of the site under a subscriptions tab? but you know, you can check in at Leah’s site on Tuesday and do her 5 mintute fiction or just do this exercise any ole time.

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