the *gasp* electronic journey

It’s odd, this ebook journey. I find myself getting asked the same questions:


Where can I buy your book?

Me: Online: amazon, BN, Kobo, places like that.

Not at the bookstore in town?

Me: Nope. It’s an electronic book. You need an ereader or an app for your PC like a Kindle app or a Nook app

Oh. Not in print. (the tone changes right here. I’m sure you can hear it if you’re an indie ebook author)

Me: (wary now, but willing to be honest.) No, not in print. I published it myself electronically


Then the eyes glaze over. Either confusion sets in or it’s judgement. When I explain what it means to readers, they’re ok with it; when I explain to other writers, they get that other look in their eye. The one I’m sure I had in my eyes when I first heard about epublishing, the one, if you’re a writer, I’m sure you’ve had in your eyes at one time or other. The one that says, “Oh, then you couldn’t find someone to publish you.” The look that says, “Your writing sucks.”


Well, that might be the case. You can judge that one for yourself. But I thought I’d outline this process over the next weeks to kind of help folks out. To help explain myself. To inspire other writers in the same boat as me. To…enlighten…the masses. So visit often. I plan to give a good thorough but brief account of what put me here for those interested.


Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction.

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7 comments on “the *gasp* electronic journey
  1. Jaleta Clegg says:

    Hi, Thea. Nice to meet you. I’m here from West of Mars and her blog party game. BTW, I have a sister named Thea. Not common.

    Ebooks are the future and if you’re comfortable self-publishing, go for it! More power to you. I’ll have to check into your books.

  2. Just bought your Egyptian novella. More later.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve had the same experience. My publisher is totally digital and is a royalty-paying company. I had 81/2 X 11 prints of the cover run off by Kinkos. I sign those. There’s no need, in the digital world, to kill trees. I can get POD copies for my Luddite relatives if necessary. Hasn’t been so far…

  4. Babe, you totally need that print option. Go to Lulu or CreateSpace (I’m in the process of switching from Lulu to CreateSpace. Once I’ve done that, I’ll let you know which is better, but right now, my vote’s for CreateSpace for financial reasons) and set yourself up. Yep, it’s more formatting, it’s a full cover instead of only the front, and you’ll have to buy review copies until you’re happy with what you’ve got, but for the folk who want a print copy, it’s worth it. I keep a stack of books here so I can sell them with autographs.

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