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Ogle Me Some: a lil #youth #music for you from novascotia @thomason_molly

June 10 and 11th this year marked the third annual convention of Minor Music: a great event that exposes youths in music to…well…more music. It teams up mentors and protegees, offers open jams and clinics, and it’s just an absolute great time.

Can I just say it was a a penultimate fantastic time this year?

My Ogle Me Some this week is Molly Thomason who I snapped from my little seat in the eighth  row. I’m impressed she came out so clear although I had to wait till she was fairly still in the lighting so I wouldn’t blur the heck out of her because my shutter speed was so slow. I think the shot suffers, but the blue light is cool.

I’m pasting in a video from the concert where she’s doing her hit All Down the Highway. Did you realize this little songbird is under 18? Wow. Check out her website for details