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Black Friday means a free Book from @TheaAtkinson

Just click on over to Smashwords and enter coupon code: ZQ49V to get a FREE copy of Rattling Bones

It comes in any format: Nook, Kindle, Pdf, Sony, etc. Enjoy


Folks: My newest woo nugget is available for free on Smashwords with coupon code: ZQ49V. It’s a short story collection that I believe will appeal to the women’s fiction reader who isn’t afraid of a little shadow in her light read.

Please, if you’ve wondered whether or not the ‘Thea nut’ has any flavor at all, go pick up a copy and read a few stories.

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Freebie! a collection of short #chicklit fiction with … shadow.

Ratling Bones is FREE

So. I’ve been thinking: not everyone knows me, knows my style, knows what kinds of things drive my characters. What is character driven fiction anyway? That’s what some of you wonder. Well, I’ve got a solution.

I give you a free short story collection to give you an idea of what kinds of things drive my plots, my characters, my writing. You get a taste of what I mean by dark or edgy. I imagine most of my audience is female so I selected mostly female driven stories.

Rattling Bones is not horror. It’s just…edgy in places fiction. All short stories. Some very short. Two favorites in terms of downloads are in there (God in the Machine and Whitecaps)

It’s on Smashwords at the moment, but it’ll soon be available from BN as well for free, and following that, I imagine Amazon will change the 99cent price they make me add to free. So if you see it on BN, please do tell Amazon so they can make it free for Kindle lovers too.

Meantime, go pick it up.

Purchase Anomaly from Amazon


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Anomaly has a star rating of 4.5 on Amazon. It is my most reviewed novel and it’s available from BN, Smashwords, and Kobo

Plus grab a free short story: God in the Machine from Smashwords just for visiting.