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Ogle Me Some features: Stone Temple Pilots (STP)

STP at Halifax Metro Centre
Scott doing the Crackerman mic thang

Back in November of 2009, I got the chance to see STP in concert at the Metro Centre in Halifax. I know they’re not a Nova Scotia band, but they came to Halfax, and I’m a HUGE STP fan. I even bought Scott Weiland’s biography for my Kindle and read it in a day. Despite some critic panning, I really enjoyed it because it actually sounded authentically written by him, not by a ghost writer.

Anyway. Back to the concert.

I had to sneak in my lil point and shoot. I was in a seat in the first row over to the side (um. NOT the floor. My daughter was on the floor AT THE FRONT with a friend, so Mama had to have seat…besides I’m getting old.)

They played ALL my favs. All of them. Every last one except Atlanta, but I didn’t really expect that anyway, so that’s OK. This pic is from when they played Crackerman. So I’m a sticking up that video for ya too right from the actual concert cause some guy was vidya taping it and I found it on Youtube.

Ogle Me Some features Ryan Cook @iryancook #countrymusic @musicnovascotia

Ryan Cook on GonzoInk

ryan cook
Ryan Cook at concert to promote Music Week 2009

This pic was taken back in the winter of 2008. My hometown was trying to promote the notion of Music Week coming to our area for its annual convention. When they decided to put their celebration in our town, they offered a concert to celebrate and hometown local musician, Ryan Cook played to a full house. Ryan Cook is a small town boy with big town aspirations–and he just might make it. Recently, he was contracted to open for Dwight Yoakem and Travis Tritt. Pretty big news. But then, Ryan’s has pretty big star potential. Plus, he’s just a real nice fella.

I have two favorites: One is his zombie inspired tune: Dead like Me and this one that is just so evocative of our area. Summer in the Valley

Please follow Ryan on twitter or fan him on Facebook and pick up his album or tickets to wherever he is playing. You won’t regret it.