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Merry Christmas: Grab a free ebook gift from Thea Atkinson

And so this is Christmas

And there’s nothing better than giving.

Since this is Christmas and you have far better things to do than sit at a computer and read a blog, I’ll make this one short:

I’ve set Rattling Bones to free on Amazon for December 24. If you know of someone who is receiving or has received a Kindle for Christmas, and if that reader enjoys women’s fiction with a slightly dark edge, then this collection of short stories might be a welcome addition to their new library.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to subscribe to and read my blog. I value each comment made and each visit. I didn’t quite make it to 100 but I came very close. Just because I didn’t make it by Christmas, doesn’t mean I won’t give away a book package when I finally do receive 100 subscribers.

Happy holidays to everyone.

Do you want to win #ebooks? Help me build my blog

In my bid to build my blog presence I’ve decided to offer a giveway. One complete Thea ebook package to a random subscriber if I can hit 100 followers. If I can hit 200 by Christmas, (Dec 24, we’ll say because I’ll be busy on Christmas day.) well, I’ll give away a package and a $25 Amazon gift coupon.

Of course, any one in the squirrel army gets entered automatically.

You can choose to accept the gift if you win or you can offer me an alternative person to send the gift to…maybe someone who has a new ereader at Christmas time and would love a bunch of new books and maybe some cash to splurge with.

I’m getting close. Thanks to my squirrel army I’ve raised my subscribers to 63! Yay! Go army.

I’m happy to reciprocate of course. Anyone in the squirrel army gets my attention and I do my utmost best to RT and mention my squirrels as a priority in my twitter feed. I have 3565 followers at present and a decent klout score (although their tinkering with the algorithms hit me hard recently and I went from 62 to 45. argh. Building it back up though.)

The package will come as coupon codes from Smashwords so you can download into whatever format you require.

There are six ebooks in the package at present:

  • Anomaly averages 5 stars. I blog about Anomaly a fair bit.
  • One Insular Tahiti. You can read some posts inspired by the novel
  • Secret Language of Crows averages 4.5 stars. I blog a bit about this one too.
  • Formed of Clay averages 5 stars
  • Throwing Clay Shadows was reviewed on Red Adept Reviews and got 5 stars
  • Rattling Bones:  a short story collection for chicklit readers has a 5 star rating on Smashwords

How can you help/win this package?

Oh there are so many ways.

  • Subscribe. That’s easy. It’s just a quick email type into the box and click submit.
  • Tweet me. Here’s a sample tweet you can copy/paste. (Help @theaatkinson reach 200 blog  followers & win $25 Amazon coupon. #squirrelarmy Details at: http://bit.ly/v04gJu )
  • Share the post on Facebook by clicking the share button at the end.
  • Recruit folks using the #squirrelarmy hashtag. I automatically enter you even if you haven’t subscribed.

Can you suggest other ways to build a blog presence? Please do share. I’m still learning and I think many of my readers would be interested in hearing tips too.