What readers are saying about Anomaly by @theaatkinson

Amazon Reviews:

Sterljoy says, ” I could not get “J” out of mind after I had finish reading the book. When a book end with me wanting more it gets 5 stars. Hope the author continues the story line. “

BigAl who blogs at books and pals says, “”Anomaly” is also an excellent example of why the rise of Indie publishing we’re experiencing is a good thing.”

P. Beaudin says, “The story sucked me right in and throughout it all I was cheering for J.”

Robert duPerre who blogs at Journal of Always says, “But most of all, it’s the story of life, of the struggle to survive in a world that really has no one’s best interest in mind, a world that, in effect, makes it difficult for anyone to thrive. In that way Anomaly is a difficult and occasionally stomach-churning read. But it’s a learning experience, and very much worth the investment of time.

I’m glad I invested mine. “

Vivienne Tuffnell says, “This was the first book I bought for my new Kindle and I read the sample first and found I simply couldn’t get J out of my head. So back I went and bought the entire book and read it in an afternoon.(I read fast, by the way). “

Goodreads Reviews

Katy Walters says, ” J is a flawed hero who searches his mind and soul. It is not for those who are not prepared to read and reflect. I love the psycholgical, the soul searching. Quite unforgettable. Will look out for more of this rwriter’s work. “

Syria Evans says, “The writing style is both intense and engaging.”

Tracy Riva says, “I recommend Anomaly by Thea Atkinson. It puts a name, face and personality on an individual’s struggle to be recognized for who he or she is “

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